Years ago if someone had asked to feature my Thanksgiving Table with you all… I would've wanted to run out Pottery Barn and buy all the pretty, impressive things.

But the truth is… this table shows the essence of me & my thankful heart far more than a perfectly curated tablescape ever could. It is mismatched, vintage, and random, but I suppose that's a little bit of who I am & each piece tells a story, inviting the loved ones from our past and present to our table. 

The plates are a collection of my Great Granny's from London. The linen napkins were handed down from my husband side. The teapot, my mother's heirloom.  The antlers, from my man who takes providing for his family with unmatched conviction, the wooden spoon, a gift from a dear friend serving God in Mozambique. The decor...foraged by Mila and I in the city. And these gorgeous handmade bowls created by artisans through Bought Beautifully {I cannot WAIT to share more on these}.

But quickly! I wanted to share my {rare/improbable} thankful table this year:

  • First, I am thankful for less. Our culture is constantly calling us to want more, more, more. But unless it's my toddler asking for more broccoli, the only thing I want more of right now is my Savior. We are expecting A baby in March, so it seems only logical as our family expands to cut our belongings & square footage in half. :-) But there is something so freeing about cutting the clutter, the noise, and being content right where we are at with half of what we had before. 

  • I'm thankful that my husbands meniscus tore. Ok that sounds sick. {I promise I love my spouse}. The truth is…the timing of an inevitable surgery the day after we moved seemed almost comically terrible at the time, but it has forced my hard-working husband to slow and not have to travel as much. So if it had to happen...the timing had a silver lining.

The Bonus: instead of him commuting an hour back-and-forth every day like he did in Milwaukee … We pick him up and take him to work.

Every morning.

And Mila gets to snuggle her daddy. It's priceless. And there's nothing more tender than intentional time. 

  • Guys. For the first time in all of our married life we are actually able to sit down and have dinner as a family. Not because we didnt want to or strive for it. But our entire married life, he was in seminary until late at night, I was teaching at my art school, or he was working as a therapist. We've never done the traditional dinner thing. Until now. And we LOVE it. Which also means for the first time in our married life… I am learning to cook & I'm actually excited about cooking {well, most nights :-) }. 
  • I am thankful for moving and stretching. My heart sunk and shattered at the idea of closing the art studio. Our sense of community and our hometown are a huge part of my soul. But I knew in moving me out of state and my comfort zone, God had bigger and better ideas for my pillow of comfort that I all too often rested my head upon. Is it weird that I am loving the growing pains I am currently feeling? More time in prayer and leaning on Him. That just one day spent with my college roommates here, after 10 years apart, could fill me up emotionally for the rest of the entire week!?

  • I am thankful for loss. Please don't misunderstand me. I craved and loved the baby we lost with all of my being. And not a day goes by where I wonder what it would be like to meet that precious love in heaven someday. But sometimes in a broken world, the outcome is not what we wish for. But I am greatful for a God who sees me and makes beauty of my agony. The way my God nurtured, held me and met Nick and I in our marriage. That experience gave me something pure and unshakable I could never have learned on my own. 

  • Regardless of how overwhelming the election months felt...I am grateful for an opportunity to listen to loved ones that had differing opinions than my own and learn on an entirely different level, what it means to love in indifference. Its hard guys. But I am so thankful for it.

  • And of course. For our precious Mila, friends, family, and these tiny, tender kicks I am feeling at 1am as I write this. God is really so sweet.

Finally, I am so thankful for the women and men that are leaving the world more in love with God and life than they found it. Companies like Bought Beautifully are not only providing jobs, but with every artisan are intentionally encouraging & sharing the gospel.

And every piece tells a story.

Example: Check out these incredible bowls. {Words From the Company}: "These Barro Bowls are handmade with "barro" (clay) harvested from the mountaintops of Honduras and accented with a rim of intricately woven pine straw and thread. Not only does this bowl provide employment for the artisan who made it, but it also provides them with an opportunity to be discipled by the ministry they work with. For some this is their first or only opportunity to truly learn about Jesus."

It sure is a beautiful reminder every time we use them to be thankful for how little or how much we have. And how we measure what we have, versus who we are in Christ.

That said...I would LOVE to know what you are thankful for this season. Please Share!

And if you have a moment, please also check out the Thankful Tables of Bought Beautifully & my dear sisters, {speakers and bloggers} Teresa and Molly as they share their thankful tables!

I so appreciate you taking the time to engage with a part of my heart on your busy Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving! #LiveOutLOVE



Have you heard of iFit?

As soon as I passed the bed ridden days of pregnancy sickness, I knew I wanted to get active again for the health of myself and this precious little rainbow miracle.

And then I received an email from iFit...

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I honestly don't do many giveaways these days unless I LOVE the product to share with you.

Thanks to our friends at @iFit for giving me this band, I adored it so much, we decided to give YOU one too!

Just CLICK HERE & follow the easy directions to enter!

Good luck and happy {{Healthy}} holidays!



"Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

Losing your baby. The story every mom hopes she never will write. 

This past week we lost our babe that would have been 10 weeks along. How can you love someone so deeply you have never met?  But that baby knew my heartbeat. And my heart beat to the song of it's unborn life. That precious soul came into our lives as quickly as it left us...but each of our lives will never be the same.

I have been ruminating over whether or not to share. Because the last thing we want is to seek attention or sympathy. Or seem overly dramatic.

But the truth is, through our complete heartbreak, we BELIEVE our God gives meaning to and redeems every beautiful life from it's very conception. Perhaps Baby K stopped growing, but our hearts grew exponentially. And He has been gently tapping at the door of my heart to share -- if for nothing else so that those in disappointment & despair as we have been in through their loss, will see His bright face in the darkness and His fingerprints on the window panes of their souls. 

I went in with our 1 year old daughter on Monday...EAGERLY awaiting a peek at our little love. With my nausea and extreme exhaustion, not once did I discern we would not hear a heartbeat. And it didn't even hit me until after we left the hospital what was happening. The 2nd trimester...it seemed so close. I could already start to smell the newborn baby clothes being washed. And I was already dreaming of the treat it would to meet this tiny person on it's Due Date of Christmas Day...

We left. Myself in shock as I noticed Mila, in earnest pointing out every sweet babe we passed on our way to the parking lot.

And my heart inched down beat by beat...sinking lower and lower as I stared out of the glass.

I couldn't turn right to head home. So I swerved left to walk around the lake.

To process.

To pray.

There are moments in my life I can point to where I could literally feel the Holy Spirit washing over me. And as real as I sit here and type...He was there with me, guys.

Carrying me.

My weak, still nauseous, light-headed, broken and exhausted body.

We walked slowly, the sun kissing my skin and the summer breeze we had been dreaming of for months swept across our cheeks. My dear grandmother who had just gone to the hospital that day {who ironically had had several miscarriages} came to mind and I began to fervently cover both she and baby K with prayer.

Suddenly, the church bells rang at 10:00am and I was overcome with an uncontrolled stream of tears. A million different songs could have been played. But it was Grandma's favorite song, "What A Friend We Have In Jesus."  

It bellowed through the trees and echoed back and forth among my heartstrings.

"Take it to the Lord in Prayer," the final line of the chorus rang out and left me almost speechless...Other than to utter with tear stained lips with the little strength I had in that moment... "God, my God who SEES me. How is it you are so intentional with us? I love how you never leave me."

 I woke the next day...Kavs arms around me... in tears. It would be a few days before we received confirmation of our loss. So we prayed God's will and clung to hope.

It poured on and off all day. Outside our home and inside my soul. We kept busy at the zoo, at my parents home and off to dinner at night.

And here was the most remarkable part. I've noticed that God is the master of attaching  specific meaning to different times of Trial. Seasons of waiting...of grief. Of struggle in the bible.

I don't profess to "hear" God speaking to me...but I genuinely believe in God giving my visual eyes something to feast upon and be reminded of His promise. I have noticed in my life that God always pours down something specific to make beauty of the mess again. 

And there it was. My reminder. 

The brightest rainbow I have seen in my adult life. The same visual God sent Noah after his season of waiting. A reminder of His Promise.

It stopped me in my tracks. 

And then again later the next morning. It was pouring outside and dark in my kitchen as I began my devotions. So I lit our crystal chandelier {which we NEVER turn on unless we have a nice dinner} but I could hardly see in the darkness. I turned to the day's page and regardless of how little light was streaming through our window... somehow...there it was. 

Through the crystal prism was glimmering the most fantastic rainbow, right there on my page.

Please understand. It is not that my heart stopped aching, or that my body was completely restored because of an image...In fact, as I sit here in complete discomfort, now that I have begun to pass the baby...through the physical and emotional pain...the tears have come flooding in again. But His beautiful reminder that God's word is all about waiting on Him. But for the better. For growing us stronger. Growing our roots deeper so that we can withstand the storm. And the absolute stunning beauty that comes from heartache. And redemption.

He brings Promise.

And our Creator just blows me away by His intention with you {& me  -- this absolute tiny, dust of a being on this earth.}

And I truly BELIEVE our God is intentional with the way He makes Himself real to us...IF we choose to see. 

Noah. Waited.

He trusted. Had faith. And worked. And I am certain he grieved when he lost loved ones...but God redeemed it. He got his rainbow.

The bible is littered with stories of waiting and redemption. And our story is no different.

God has and will continue to redeem this precious life. And our lives through it. As we wait and pray for another sweet babe. And as we await the meeting of our heaven babe some day.

And all we can do is keep on praising Him.

No, the pain isn't gone. 

But it is wrapped in the balm that my Yaweh Raphe  {my God who heals} can only give. And I am genuinely restored in hope.

As He weeps with us.

Peace that passes understanding has never been more true to these broken, but peace-filled hearts. Because nothing else could possibly make sense when you grieve this hard and you still find peace, hope and Promise.

Since He knew that baby in my womb {Jeremiah 1:5} we can only imagine how much more beautiful heaven will be some day...if in fact we get to meet our heaven baby?

And then...Oh! To hear them say:

"...I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes, {they} saw {me}...." Psalm 139:13-16