Whimsical Teen Painting Party!


It has been weeks since I last blogged.

After a funeral of a loved one, weeks of sickness and the holiday rush, I was anxious to start sharing these lovely creations of our students again!

I had a group of beauties come and paint some whimsical multi-media art with me at the studio.

Each artist was encouraged to come up with their own individual expression, using their own hair, skin tone and eye color choice, and whatever elements of multi media tools they chose.

I am in love with these!


Girl Scouts Christmas Classes!

This girl scout troop and their leaders completely melted my heart.

These mom's and their thoughtfulness was remarkable and these little lady artists made me smile.


A totally sweet idea...they came and painted for their badge and at their next meeting, they are getting together to wrap these for their parents for Christmas.

I love that idea!

Please check out this delightful party we had together.


Bloom Prints Special Christmas Classes!


These classes have been such a blessing.

To me, and I hope to our Bloom Prints families as well.

Watching mommas and their little ones create in the Christmas spirit...what could be sweeter?

We have been creating Christmas art for all ages to give as gifts of keep as family keepsakes.

Check out these darling smiling faces and decor we are decking the halls with :)

Merry Christmas!!





Partnering with The Memory Project


Next to Sole Hope,...this is one of the most awesome organizations we have partnered with!

Ben started The Memory Project years ago, out of his college dorm room after traveling to orphanages around the world and realizing the kids he visited had nothing of their own beyond the clothes on their backs.

Can you imagine...not having one thing that you can call your "own" that is personal to you? Some of these children likely rarely get to even look in a mirror to see their sweet faces.



Balloon Finger Painting Curriculum for Pre-Kinders


We have been working on a super fun curriculum this fall/winter...and I am so, so sad that it will soon come to an end this month!

We have been working on a sensory curriculum...involving a lot of body printing.

Everything has been based upon fine motor skills with these tiny tykes and we have also been doing a LOT of finger printing, hand and foot prints :)

These projects were some of my favorite. We worked on two different projects where the kids worked on finger printing the end of each balloon string (as opposed to smearing the paint all over their canvas :) Dont get me wrong...I adore the crazy finger paintings that are crazy messy, but this is a totally new skill at this age.

Check out their adorable work!



Polka Dot Owl Birthday Party!


I love all of the birthday parties we throw ... and this was perhaps one of the most creative birthdays we have had at the studio to date.

I adore this family so it was an absolute honor to be a part of!!!

Our birthday girl and momma are so stunningly beautiful inside and out. I love them. 

Polka Dots and Owls was their theme...Such a fun team this mother/daughter pair are and it was such a treat watching them create together. 

I provided the centerpiece, a few accents from THIS Baby Shower, and birthday sign and they brought in the most darling polka dot details I have ever seen!!


It was truly a magical afternoon and I hope our birthday girl and her guests enjoyed painting their stunning works of art! 



Seurat Eiffel Towers


Recently, our students learned about Georges Seurat and pointillism.

A French painter who used tiny, tiny dots to create incredibly vast and stunning paintings! 

(Like the one in the example below "A Sunday on Le Grande Jatte," at the Art Institute of Chicago)

Since the kids always have a hard time remembering Seurat's name, I always say think of this famous painting and remember there is a man in the foreground with a top hat on and think, "Sir-Hat."



Starry Night Interpretations in Watercolor

Van Gogh. 

One of my favorite artists. 

Our 5-9 year olds and our Teen groups re-created their interpretations of these heavenly, whimsical paintings. 

They used Van Gogh technique with short brush strokes and in a completely different medium...watercolor. 

I absolutely love how they turned out! Each painterly stroke. Each swirly interpretation of the wind blowing in the sky. 

Watercolor is not easy and these kiddos rocked it! 

To Read More...CLICK HERE!


The Boy Who Could Enter Paintings - 3 year old art!


A few weeks ago our Tiny Tykes and I read the story about "The Boy Who Could Enter Paintings."

A breath-taking book that I remember putting my imagination at flight when I was a child and I hope it did the same for these babes. 

The main character lives in a small apartment with his artist father and he literally jumps into each painting his father is recreating from famous artists and experiences life on the other side of the canvas. So brilliant. 

To Read More...CLICK HERE!

Ladies Painting Night: "Fun-Fetti Flowers"

Our last Ladies Painting Night was such a lovely evening.

Wine in one hand, paint brush in another,...painting confetti flowers to the soothing vocals of Priscilla Ahn and Mindy Gledhill. 

And the company of these ladies was even more lovely.

I was so thrilled at their results. Please check them out and check out our website here if you ever want to come paint with us! 

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