Infant Baby Photo Shoot : Grace Marie!

When my beautiful friend Jessie asked me to hold an infant photo shoot for her sweet baby Grace, I was so honored and thrilled. Just a few months before, we held this whimsical baby shower for her, so it was a blessing to hold that sweet babe and take captures of her sweet spirit!

I am not a photographer by trade, but I do hold occasional photo sessions (infants, senior photos, website branding) and I get a delicious taste of the joy and privilege a full time photographer experiences in their day to day job.

Shooting a moment in time that hopefully a family will treasure for a lifetime. What an immensely beautiful experience.

(I have downsized these images considerably to fit in this post :)


I requested Jessie arrive with baby Grace right before she was ready to nurse. This way Jessie could feed her in our home and baby Grace would be sleepy enough for some sweet sleepy images.


So blessed to spend the afternoon with this sweet face!


We snacked on grapes and Starbucks as tiny Grace fell asleep.


I played quiet lullaby's for Gracie to act as white noise so she would sleep comfortably and made sure our home was quite warm as Grace would not be wearing full clothing during our shoot :)


Momma prepped baby Grace and we got started. She did so well!

My goal was to keep my captures as natural, clean and lovely as possible from the beginning so minimal editing would be required in post. 

I adore this unedited shot! So beautiful. 


I wanted to add a bit of a Whimsical style to these photos, however, so I high-lighted momma's stunning eyes and cleared up baby Graces little case of baby bumps :) 


Just a handfull of the edited images. Not sure what I loved most...taking the captures, or editing these lovely faces!

Sweet Gracie did wonderful...especially for her first photo session :)


Baby Grace woke up towards the end of the session for these...too sweet for words!






Thank you for this opportunity loves! I enjoyed every second!

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