Hope Spoken Link Up!

This week I received an invitation...

My heart skipped a beat to receive this invite. I am so, so excited to meet you all!!!


An Introduction:

I am a midwestern girl who adores fall, twinkle lights, tea parties, indy film, creativity, music, and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is it!

I am married to a handsome handy-man who just finished seminary and I am blessed daily by his heart.


After an incredibly random list of careers around the country, grad school etc, my husband and I have landed in my home town...a place I never thought I would end up,...and I am more content than I have ever been. Praise God!


By His grace, and His grace alone, we own an art studio (you can also find us on facebook here!) where we teach the beauty and PURE joy of creation to all ages. We decided to start this blog and share about our life and our studio. It is my passion and my heart...but I am not done dreaming yet ;) 

I also work part time working as the social media, graphic arts, and worship coordinator at our church! 

What are you timid or nervous about coming to this conference? 

I am really excited to come to Hope Spoken, but timid and nervous because I signed up not knowing a soul...as soon as the tickets went on sale last spring.


Truly, I was so excited to be filled up by this conference and this incredible group of women that there was no doubt in either mine or my husbands mind that regardless of cost, this was where I needed to be :) Praying for grace and calmed nerves when I come, but super blessed that my new friend Teressa will be there now too!! Check out her blog...she's a precious gem of a woman! 



Something I hope to take away from the conference?

Mostly: Friendships, and soul filling, God's word through hope being spoken and meeting Him there.  

My heart so wants to soak up every bit of information that the Lord speaks through these sweet souls and I am praying that I am able to write fast enough to absorb it all :) 

Something fun and random to share about myself?

I was born on 8-4-1984, I was born at 8:04 in the morning and weighed 8lbs 4 oz :)

Thank you for stopping by!  I will be holding you all in my prayers until we meet in person! Cant wait to meet you all!