Seurat Eiffel Towers

Recently, our students learned about Georges Seurat and pointillism.

A French painter who used tiny, tiny dots to create incredibly vast and stunning paintings! 

(Like the one in the example below "A Sunday on Le Grande Jatte," at the Art Institute of Chicago)

Since the kids always have a hard time remembering Seurat's name, I always say think of this famous painting and remember there is a man in the foreground with a top hat on and think, "Sir-Hat."  

They usually giggle and crack some "unique" jokes :) but they never forget it! 

(Since I am  a firm believer in combining all of the fine arts...enjoy "La Vie En Rose"  while looking at these works of art :) 

I gave the kids an option of re-creating pointillism by painting the Eiffel tower or a sail boat scene.


 I was amazed at how class after class chose architecture over a sea scape...but they painted beautifully!

(Below, a coloring page I had them practice on to familiarize themselves with this famous painting and Seurat (or "Sir-Hat's" :) technique! 


We talked about how you dont need grays blacks and whites to create high lights and deep shadows and the kids created stunning work while enhancing their sky lines in reds, purples, blues, greens etc...


I also gave them free license to free draw their foreground in any way they pleased. 

I loved them to pieces!! 


My favorite part...watching each totally different interpretation.

No comparing, to judgements...just pure imagination set free! 



And I adore the way they shaded their yellow Eiffel towers in reds and blues. Stunning!