The Boy Who Could Enter Paintings - 3 Year Old Art!

A few weeks ago our Tiny Tykes and I read the story about "The Boy Who Could Enter Paintings."

A breath-taking book that I remember putting my imagination at flight when I was a child and I hope it did the same for these babes. 

The main character lives in a small apartment with his artist father and he literally jumps into each painting his father is recreating from famous artists and experiences life on the other side of the canvas. So brilliant. 


These sweet littles sat on our couch while I was reading them this story (dont worry moms...I told them to be silly in this pic :) 


Oh, these faces!!


Beyond sweetness. 


So, to tie in this book theme...the week before I took photos of these tiny hands on white paper. 

Then, uploaded the photos and completely desaturated the images so that they would be bright white backgrounds with black and white hands. 

This way...the kids figuratively "jumped" into their own paintings...because their hands were literally "inside" of their paintings! 

So much fun!! 


Then I took the kiddos through step by step how to draw very simple shapes and lines to create these charming bouquets of flowers.

I was so proud of them and pleased with these darling results!