Partnering with Sole Hope For Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving this year was a much needed break.

A holiday without all of the that truly caused me to sit (oh how I struggle with this) :) and reflect on how truly thankful I am in an overwhelming number of ways.

And in that moment...I couldn't help but think of Asher who I met at  THIS conference in September and the way that she and her family give back every day!

She and her beautiful family began this mission to help others: SOLE HOPE (watch the video says so much more than I ever could)


After watching this video this heart so ached for these kids and I yearned to help them...

So my family and I thought, what better way to express our thankful hearts, than by throwing a shoe cutting party for these sweet littles in Africa? Every cut of the scissors, we said silent prayers in our hearts for each tiny child...

Even our own kids got into it and this blessed all of our souls beyond words! 


And Matty even took the pants off his own bum to help with the cause :)


Ha! I love Fez in this photo...he doesn't know what to make of it :)

Please contact me here if you would like to learn more or would like to host a shoe cutting party yourself!

OR, attend one at our Art Studio!

All you need to do: Purchase a shoe cutting packet HERE, invite all of your friends to your home and tell them to bring an old pair of jeans and a pair of good scissors, you provide the milk cartons, the sharpies for tracing, the templates, the safety pins and zip lock bags.

Happy Cutting!

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