STUDIO LAUNCH! and Layered Art Tutorial

Art Business Starting....and Contemporary Art-ing. 

My heart.

It is SWELLING today with excitement! 

A dream for years...A dream for years coming true today.

A dream to provide a safe space, to build your children's self-esteem and to be truly cared for while creating great art! 

Below is a sneak peek of the Bloom Prints Studio!

(Sign up for your Summer Art Class Here! ALL AGES WELCOME! We would LOVE to have you!!) 



We are located in the studio space at Whelan's (a charming, eclectic Coffe and Ice Cream Shop where you can grab a latte, a scoop of something sweet, OR visit their stunning vintage lamp shop! )

(More Interior Images of Our Studio Space Coming Monday)



In honor of our Studio Launching TODAY...

I am posting a fun painting project to do with your kiddos :) 


Layered Painting Tutorial

Looking for a relaxing project on a Sunday afternoon, I was reminded of a layer painting  technique I did years ago in college!


I searched high and low for some old canvas boards and when that failed, I settled for a few boards from an old bathroom shelving unit.  


Usually, I would have put gesso over the top layer, but I kind of liked the sheen of this surface, so even if the paint didn't hold perfectly, I wanted to give it a try :) 


1. flat surface to paint on

2. paint medium (I used Acrylic here) 

3. painter's or masking tape

4. paint brush

5. An adventurous mind-set

First, I taped off the board in all kinds of funky angles, making certain to press firmly along the edges, so paint does not run.


Then, I covered the edges in white...this way, no paint leaks from previous layers and your first set of lines stay crisp and white!


I knew from the start I wanted to choose the brightest, most expressive colors in my box o' paints. This was the first pretty little color that caught my eye.


Then, on went another layer of tape,...yellow paint...and the cycle continued, ever time, the spaces to paint,...getting smaller and smaller. 

Of course, what loud and bright, girly project isnt complete with screaming hot pink ? 


Let it dry. Peal the layers one by one. Watch the magic reveal itself... 


Not perfect, but that wasn't the goal.

It's expressive angles and bright colors makes me smile. I hope it will do the same for anyone who enters our art studio! 

Try it! I would LOVE to hear how it goes!! 

Send me pictures! I would love to see your creation!!