Vintage Barn Window becomes Baby's Coat Rack!

Vintage Coat Rack for Baby Reagan!

For this flip, unfortunately, I do not have a before and an after. Perhaps, what I can offer is a mentally-painted vision of our before and after :)

Can you imagine what this window originally looked like? Plucked straight from a dumpster...on a plot of land that used to house a 100 year old barn? Brown from dirt, windows completely opaque from dust and the passing of time. Yes...probably the last thing I would want to put in a baby's room,...until we got a hold of it and made it into a functional piece of art! :)

I brought this prized piece home, thrilled the glass was all stick in tact! Power-washed it, re-painted the white part of the window to give it a fresh look and mask the musty smell. Then, a few coats of polyurithane followed, to finish the frame...


Using a marker top, I stenciled circles all over this "R" monogram from Michaels ($3) for baby Reagan's coat rack. Then I painted the letter in pink, and re-painted the circles once more in white.


Butterfly knobs were the perfect touch and are from the dollar section at Michaels!


Finally, I added these tiny buntings from scrapbook paper I had left over from this baby gift!


Now, this barn-window-flip is ready for this sweet baby's bedroom! Dream big sweet baby Reagan!!


Overall Cost:


Butterfly Knobs= $1 each from Michaels ($5 total)

Paint=Left over from previous projects

"R" Monogram=$3 from Michaels

Buntings=Left over from this craft!

Grand Total! = $8 :)