That Day...It FINALLY Arrived!

Graduating From Trinity Seminary... 


It's been two long years.  

Two years of being so proud and full of joy, watching my husband fulfill his life-long dream.


Two years of stress and strain.

Two years of working late nights, him being away at Graduate school in Illinois, all while learning how to juggle this new role we were playing...this new thing called marriage.

As I entered the graduation ceremony, my eyes instantly welled up with tears.


I was overcome with emotion as the pomp and circumstance echoed through the gymnasium, over the heads of the spectators and across the international flags on a strikingly lit stage. 


Had this day finally arrived? Had our first year of marriage....of long weeks, of barely seeing each other, become somewhat of a distant memory? Something we could now look back upon with a smile and say, "how did we ever get through that?"


When it began, we had different last names. I was in graduate school and he was a full-time Tennis Pro with a twinkle in his eye to pursue his dream.

My how life flys by.


Now, we share the same last name. I am no longer in school and he is one step closer to pursuing his passion. The mission that he was made for.

And this week it became real...

The Kavs' License to Practice Arrived!!!!!! 

I am SO proud of him.

Congratulations, best friend... 

My heart is full.

For us. 

For You!