Princess Painting at Bloom-Prints Studio

Last week we did a series on Henri Rousseau --

(read more about it here).

We talked about how he broke down his animals and jungle-scapes he painted into shapes in order to paint them and make them come to life!

Asking my little artists what they liked to paint the best?... princesses, castles and fairies were the subject matter of choice :)


So, this prompted a slight change in the lesson plan for the week. :) 


As our tiny artists suited up, each was crowned and we geared up to learn about our artist of the week! These pictures bless my heart x10!

Every little girl (all girls young and old) should be treated like the princesses that God made them to be.


With Disney princess music floating through the air, we started out discussing shapes again as we studied Thomas Kinkade's beautiful perspective on light use and his use of shapes in,

"A New Day at The Cinderella Castle." 


And then we put his use of color into practice by adding "light" into our coloring pictures. 


Then it was time for our princesses to begin their masterpieces!

We used black oil pastels for deep contrast and to utilize a resist technique.


Then the most fun part -- Using light and color in our castles! 

These 4's and 5 year olds did stunning work. 


Truly amazing for this age!!! 

Stay tuned for more adventures next week! 

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