One Year and Thankful!

Challenge from She Reads Truth.


I cannot believe it has been only a year since SHE READS TRUTH begun! It has blessed so many souls. Filled so many hearts. Connected so many women. Provided Truth and Knowledge and given so much glory to Him!

Because this incredible group of women has given so much to me, I wanted to give back, take the "One Year and Thankful" challenge and write about how we have been blessed over the past year!

Oh my...where to start!?!

In an effort to give highlights, but not put you to sleep by lengthy description...I will apply the old numerical, college note-taking method :)

1. When the year started, my husband tore his ACL. Not so good, but God provided financial backing and insurance. He is now almost 100% healed!


2. My gracious parents provided a home for us to live in...theirs, while we tirelessly searched for a home to buy! Although living with my parents was a precious time, it was painful, long, and stretched us beyond belief (read more about it here). What started out as a 3 month stint...turned into over a half of a year search! BUT Praise God! We found our ideal location and flipped it to our own little space! WE LOVE IT!!!


3. My father has been much, much healthier this year! Pops has been dealing with heart disease since he was 35 years old. He is on full disability, but his personality and zest for life is not :) He has a heart bigger than anyone I know and lives life FULL. He and I are extremely close and I am so thankful God has decided to keep his heart ticking and keep my pops around as he continues to love on others and teach!


4. The Kavs graduated from Trinity Seminary!!! Oh Lord thank you its over! He loved the schooling, but we both hated the hours he was putting in and how often we were away from each other. I am so, so proud of him though!!! He was amazing through it all, balancing life and giving me intentional time together with him. I started bawling the moment I walked into the graduation ceremony, overwhelmed with joy for him, his accomplishments and reminiscing over all those long months...over. Congrats Kavs!! (Read more about it here!)


5. My husband and I celebrated 2 years of marriage! Weeee! (Read more about it here). It was challenging, thrilling, joyful and we learned so, so much along the way! I cannot believe its been two years already??? Oh, how I love him. I can honestly say it is more every day!


6. A life-long dream of mine is coming true this year...we are (slowly) launching an Art Studio this summer for little ones and adults! (read more about it/sign up here or visit us on Facebook here)  A place for them to thrive, build self-esteem and create! I have literally been on my knees for God's will over this. I adore kids and so want to see them flourish in a safe place and love on them! We will see what the future holds. If the doors keep opening, we will keep walking through :)


I am certain there are so many, many more things to share, but that is our life in a (thankful) nutshell. Praise Him for the year we've had ... ups and also the downs that we've learned so much from! Im excited to see what the next chapter holds.

Thank you SHE READS TRUTH for blessing my heart and so many others. HE applauds you and so do I!

Love, Amy