Wonderful New Hair Product Review! The Gnarly Whale

A few weeks ago I received an exciting package in the mail from a wonderful shop, The Gnarly Whale!!  I was so excited to find out this sweet girl is also a midwesterner!

I hope to meet her in person some day! 

(Read her blog here)

One of the items I received with excitement was this! 



Considering I have a horrible time with tangles just out of the shower, I was thrilled to try  this new Detangle serum.


It usually takes me a good couple of minutes to get through this crazy mane.

Thanks to this incredible product, it took just seconds to get through! 

Not only did it work so well, but it had a wonderful tropical lime and coconut scent that I loved!





And styled.

It gave my hair an incredible sheen as well. 


That makes one more happy Gnarly Whale consumer!

A very pleased customer, right here :) 



A very big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the Gnarly Whale Shop!

I cannot wait to try my new Beach Waves Serum next!!