Bloom Prints Studio Presents A Birthday Party: Face Painting, Tigers, and Elmo, OH My!

This past weekend I had the pleasure to visit the sweetest family! 

Their littlest was turning 2 and adores Elmo, so I was blessed to be welcomed into their home on her birthday and spend my afternoon with this little one, her TRIPLET siblings and cousins.

Such a joy! Just look at those sweet faces.


We started the party with face painting. 

As always, the first image chosen by the first little lady became the same thing everyone else wanted.

So, we ended up with a room full of precious butterfly faces :) 


Following the giggles and fun, we began our Elmo-Themed art project. 

I brought acrylic and a washable tempra paint to give the parents an option. Mom wanted the best quality projects, so we went with acrylic :) 

On went their aprons and no sleeves needed to be rolled up in 80 degree heat so we got right to it :) 

Typically I don't like to teach our students/kiddos "crafts" but since it was a birthday party, I like to do something a little bit more crafty. 
We needed something simple for this age group, but fun.

I pre-drew a bunch on Elmo faces on a heavy stock paper for the littles to paint on and we glued them to chalk boards so the kids could have some interactive art to take home! 


These smiles give me so much joy! 


I just love how each child comes up with something new...even with the simplest project! 


And then we began to paint our chalk board borders. Before the party, I taped off the inside of the frame with plastic so our kiddos could go crazy with paint and not worry about getting paint on their black board.

Again, each was unique and beautiful. 


This was our sample...


And these were the kids masterpieces! 


They had a blast painting and creating, which inspired long lasting memories!

What more can you ask for! :)

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