Every morning I get up, grab my lipton tea latte and curl up next to my computer for a little reading of She Reads Truth or some reflection over my day and life. 

Then, if I have time, I set out for a run along the lakefront of our little town. 



Almost every morning, along my route...I am greeted by a man on a bicycle. I dont know his name, but for the sake of this post, let's call him "Pete."

Every one seems to know him.

Every one seems to like him.

He has a smile on his face as he greets you and continues his conversation with you, long after you have passed him :) 

Pete brings joy to my heart and so many others every single day, probably without even knowing it. 


I am so thankful for his heart because he always brings a smile to my face and to others. 

The more I thought about Pete this morning, I couldn't help but equate him to my daily life.

I so badly want to be like Pete. To love on others...even in the simplest of ways and strive to make others feel special.

And I pray that I can be someone who strives to bring others joy...expecting absolutely nothing in return. 

This is something my heart yearns for, but in the depth of my own icky soul, all too often I think of myself first. Our needs. Our wants... How beautiful would this world be if we were more like Pete? Constantly bringing joy to others, putting our own needs second...regardless of who sees it?


And at the same time...others might find Pete odd. An old man who rides in circles in our small town, with no apparent place to go? He may seem Suspicious? Strange?

It would be easy to blow him off and call him weird. After all, why would someone want to be that nice for no reason? 

I dont want to question his motives or anyone else's. I truly believe life is all about how we choose to see the world.

We can choose to blow off the things that are different, like Pete.

Or we can choose to embrace them and allow them to affect us for good.  

For it is when we are able to accept love and joy from others...that we can truly offer it selflessly to someone else. 

I hope to embrace simple acts of love today. They are everywhere.

And as hard as it goal for life: To try to give back...expecting nothing in return... 


PS--A Very Happy Birthday to Our Sweet Niece, Little Rory Bear today!!  We love you with all our hearts!! xoxoxo!!