Dingy bedroom flip to Art Studio with Life!

Another before and after! 

These are so fun to post because so much work went into these flips!  

There's something so gratifying about creating with our hands to make something beautiful.

I can only imagine the sheer joy God had when creating the heavens and the earth.

Creating...you and me! 

Wow. I mean really...wow. 

And He gives us a taste of that joy when we create! 

Granted, the photo below of this room (before our flip) probably gave someone else sheer joy when they created it and I am so happy to share in their joy :)

For me...I preferred a slight change :)

 The funny thing is, both rooms are very "loud" so many of you probably won't think our change is much better :) 


Our entire house is filled with monochromatic rooms.

I love the soft grays and whites that fill our space. Its cozy and inviting and clean. 

(Read about our bedroom flip HERE or our Kitchen flip HERE

For my art studio...I wanted something colorful. Something inviting. Something inspiring. 

And something a bit more up-to-date. 

I love how it turned out! 


The walls became turquoise and the wood work white! I guess I didnt realize until after that I had an over-sized tiffany's box on my hands, but oh well :) I love it just the same.

Please, come take a tour with me... 


Above: a mini frame from a vintage shop, made into a tiny chalk board.

Below: I love signs with inspiration. And, lets just say its not a secret that I don't just like ice cream...I adore it :) 


These are different font monogram blocks from Michaels. 

I bought them white and taped off sections to create funky designs. 



Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's. A portrait I did years and years ago now. Time has flown.


I also love shoes. I dont wear them too often anymore, but I think shoes make a woman's foot lovely...especially a pump.

That sign is from my sweet momma. 

The Kavs made me a shoe rack, but it was too large for the closet (this photo shows about half of the rack), so I made it into an art piece in the studio. 



Thank you for stopping by!! Come to our home studio or stop by our studio in Oconomowoc to create with us sometime!