3-5 year old GALLERY SHOW and Multi-Media Paintings!

Its so hard to believe that our four week June session has already completed. 

What a blessing these girls have been. 

Our tiny artists learned about famous artists, their techniques, how to draw and paint and these 3-5 year olds did incredible!

Now that our four weeks are up, I love to end the session with a "Gallery Showing" of their art, to build their confidence, share their excitement with their families and for them to take pride in their work.  


Prior to our Gallery Show, we worked on some textured multi-media paintings. 


We use some awesome texture building techniques including all kinds of basic items you can find around your home!

If only I could have captured the look on their faces as they peeled away the layers to see what was underneath. 

(Acrylic, Bubble Wrap, Tissue Paper, Buttons, on Canvas Board.) 



I selected one of each of their incredible pieces for display... 


And each artist received their own personal Artist Portfolio to store all of their work!


And their first "Professional" artist's paintbrush, customized by Bloom-Prints Art Studio.


Check out these stunning paintings:

This veggie-print "Impressionist Flower Vase" was done by a 3 year old!!

A lot of guidance, but painted entirely by herself :)

(Acrylic on paper) 


Our sweet 4 year old painted this fantastic "Princess Castle!"

Her use of color is brilliant. Really a remarkable composition for this age.

(Tempra, Glitter Glue and Oil Pastel on paper. )


And our 5 year old drew these amazing Henri Rousseau inspired Hippos and Monkeys!

Filling the page with color and texture. Love!

(Watercolor, Crayon, Construction Paper on Paper)


I am so proud and so blessed to have been their teacher.



These faces could melt anyones heart!

Thank you girls for going on this adventure with Bloom-Prints Studio!