Get your Cuff at Bloom-Prints Studio!

I have a new friend and I cannot wait to share her with you!

Amber is an amazing mama of 4 and is a doctor's wife...a very unconventional doctors wife :) 

Check out her blog HERE!!

She's funny, she's beautiful inside and out, and she's incredibly talented. 

She also is the artist behind these amazing cuffs!


I was so excited to receive this package last Friday, I could barely contain myself!!


The cuffs that were inside far exceeded my expectations!! 

Hand stamped leather cuffs, with impeccably rolled fabric flowers.



And when you sign up for a Bloom-Prints Studio Summer Class (here), You will receive one of her fantastic cuffs!!

The larger cuffs engraved with the word "Bloom" will be received by the Mamas that take our "Mommy and Me Class!"



And our tiny female artists (ages 3+) will receive a smaller version that reads "She Creates" (or a personalized Bloom-Prints Professional Paint Brush from the Bloom-Prints Store!)

(Boy cuffs are still in the works...:) 



I am in love with mine and have worn it every day since!

Check out Amber's blog and Sign up for a Summer Session at Bloom-Prints Studio HERE!   

(PS--Bloom-Prints Studio Website should be going live soon! You will be able to register online there :) 

Thank you Amber!!!!