Promoting a blog or a business,...when you HATE self promotion...

You see, I was brought up and taught to never self-promote.

To never say anything to bring attention to or about yourself and to always strive to be humble.

So, I grew up feeling incredibly uncomfortable when i had to talk about myself or tell anyone about something I did that was perceived as an achievement or a positive. 


Now, we have a blog and are starting a business.


I LOVE the mission behind our business.

I LOVE sharing our ideas and dreams with the online world and I LOVE sharing our faith.

And yet, its really hard for me at the same time.

I truly can't stand self-promotion, by anyone and especially by myself.

I get sick to my stomach just thinking about trying to tell someone that our site is worth looking at.

First, because I dont like talking about myself, especially in a positive way. Second, I'm insecure and Im not even sure myself if our stories and ideas are worth sharing.

I know I love sharing our ideas and dreams, but it's very possible they are only interesting to us :)

At the same time, I feel that what we are sharing from our hearts and learning from others can be used for such good and that is what keeps me going.

I am growing... 

I feel comfort now that I have accepted that God DOES want to use ALL...every part of each of us.

He desires to use our abilities.

 I am learning we don't have to feel guilty by offering a little something about ourselves within our community.  I just so dread this appearing at all as a self-promotion or that its all about us.  

Its a hard load to balance. 

I just want to please my Audience of One...

What I have concluded:

I believe if my heart is right...sharing our ideas with each other and more importantly LISTENING to what others share with us is what "doing life together" is all about. 

If my heart is in the right place, I think it is okay to share "our" stories...

If I'm on my knees praying and my heart is in the right won't be "our" story at all...

It will be "His story" and His alone.

This is my prayer for this site.

I pray it is coming through...