America...the Beautiful!



My entire life I was raised to stand and salute when a flag of red, white, and blue marched by. 

As as child, I would wake at 6am to my father blasting "Stars and Stripes Forever," or "Battle Hymn of the Republic," and I ate up every minute.

It is one of my favorite days of the year! 

We are so blessed to live in this country that its almost incomprehensible.  


Today is a day for CELEBRATION!!!!! 

I praise God for our fallen soldiers and those who fight today.  

Men and women of INCREDIBLE courage and humility.

Right now my husband, along with my father, brother, uncle, cousin and nephew are spending the week in Gettysburg for the 150th Anniversary...

It gives me chills to look at this photo that my brother sent.

The events that happend on this soil to give us our rights.

Our freedom.


I praise God for a Nation, founded by men, ON THEIR KNEES, praying over every move they made on this soil.  

I praise God for blessing us in the way that He has. 

And I praise God I get to share it ...I praise God I get to share it with, YOU! 

Today, we celebrate by visiting the parade I have been going to since childhood. Great food, a day on the lake with our very best friends, full of sunshine and memories.

A day to be thankful.

Have a Glorious 4th of July!!!!