Coffee Date?


If you were to stop by today, I would be so thrilled to see you. I would hug you and welcome you into our home. I would ask you to please excuse the canvases and art supplies strewn across the living room floor -- as I organize for next months summer camp session at the studio. 


It's a hot, hot day, so my hubby would have the air on full throttle. I would offer you coffee or tea...for me, herbal tea with milk and sugar... 


I would ask you what was new in your life as I boil water or start-up the Keuring. Michael Buble or the Andrews Sisters would likely be filling the air, singing their vintage tunes. My head might even sway to the music as we chat, but I am totally focused on what you have to share. I would ask you what is going well or if anything is heavy on your heart.

My husband would walk through, taking a break from his latest video project from his trip with my family to Gettysburg. He would say hello, grab a few cookies, and sit a while with us. 


I would tell you life is crazy for us, but wonderfully so. I would tell you since The Kavs is done with graduate school we are anxiously awaiting the state to send his licensure so that he can practice as a therapist. I would tell you how the Lord is once again teaching us patience and how to lean on Him with all that we have.

I would share my heart about our studio and how we are blessed beyond belief to have this opportunity. My heart is soaring with excitement and I would ask you if you want me to stop talking about it because I could go on and on....

I would be so blessed to have you in our home. We would laugh and I would truly treasure your presence in our kitchen. 


I might pause a moment to gather my thoughts as we discuss family and life. I might even tell you that for the first time in my life...Im having a case of baby fever. I have wanted to be a mama my entire life, but only recently has it seemed like the right timing for us. 

My heart would be full and I would so hope the same for you as we finish and I walk you to the door. I would hug you again and thank your sincerely for stopping by.

Life is too short to not do this more often. 

Let's do drinks again soon...and if there is anything on your heart...I always have a cup of tea waiting for you...