He Sings Over Us.


A few weeks ago now, we were short a vocalist for worship on Sunday.  So I agreed to help.

For so long I have avoided singing on stage for worship, mostly because I prefer to blend in with the crowd...praising and worshiping my maker with no one watching. 

No performance. No light show. 

Just me and Him. 

So, I sat there in the green room, behind the stage ... just minutes before we were on for worship.

My hands were grasping my water bottle tensely, when suddenly...while praying that the Lord would prepare my heart -- a wave of peace came over me.  


I envisioned Him.  

My maker. 

And this verse rushed over like a wave crashing onto the shore... into my soul. 

"The Lord your God is with you, 

The Mighty Warrior who saves. 

He will take great delight in you; 

He will quiet you with His love!

He will rejoice over you with singing." 

Zephaniah 3:17

A truly amazing thought to imagine the creator of the universe, being so in love with us that He literally SINGS over us?

Can you IMAGINE??


While on stage...I truly felt like it was just me and Him and that is how I think it should be. He quieted my heart and in my small way I worshiped Him in my heart through song.

Beyond this, I began to think about the TRUTH that although we call it "Sunday worship" --Its really not just for Sunday mornings.

We worship all week long...at different times, and I started to recall that all week long I had felt this same peace. 

And that same peace and true joy came from acts of worship that weren't songs at all. But praises in silent prayers of my heart.

Through striving to serve those around me. 

Through loving on others when it seemed really hard to do. 

Through dreaming of the future and praising Him for the opportunities. 

Through something as small as delighting in the blessing of a hot shower or fresh sheets to sleep in.

Or even praising Him because I know Him...especially when my heart is breaking or if I am drowning in tears. 

I think that is why I felt such peace on that stage...

Because all week long I was worshipping.

And the more we worship, the more our hearts knows this act of praise and it becomes more of an instant reaction, --more than a thought out, planned thing to do on our check lists.

When I really thing about it...what a privilege. What an honor it is.

To worship a God all day long -- a God who literally sings over me as well.

Thank you for your peace. For your grace. 

Be Thou My Vision Lord...

Be Though My Vision...Today...Every Day. 

Oh God, you are so, so good.