We Will Dream Together Again, in Heaven

Barely tapping these keys, eyes streaming with tears, chest heaving,...I write this love letter to my sweet dreaming friend. 

A soft, loyal, cuddly friend. 

Yesterday, after 15 years, we had to say good-bye to my precious child-hood puppy. I knew it would be hard. I didnt know it would be this hard. 


I hesitated to share anything about her passing. I didn't want to appear melodramatic or over-the-top, but we truly miss her.

And after so many friends shared their story of loss and shed tears with us, I was comforted by friends that the best way to grieve is to share your heart with others.

Anya was old. She was sick, could no longer hear or see and her body was weak. Before she began to truly suffer, we wanted to let her go. 

So we took her home one last time, to love on her and so Coz could kiss her "good-bye." 

anya 2.jpg

So, I sat there holding her. Thankful that God gives us such incredible companions.

That sweet Anya.  My Christmas gift...on my 14th year.


She saw me through countless tears... 

Countless broken hearts... 

Countless joys and countless blessings... 


And we were dreamers together... 


She licked my face to sleep as I ached and was there by my side at times that I felt higher than the moon. 

My parents were both incredibly close to this little one. 

Its remarkable the impact these tiny souls can have on mankind.


After that sweet soul had ascended, I now stood there...staring at her lifeless body.

 My heart was broken, but my soul was full beyond words.  


And although I am not certain what the Lord says in His word...

Still....I do believe in my heart that those loyal, dark eyes I was just hours ago gazing into -- may very well, in this instant, be gazing into those of her maker's. 

And that gives me chills.

Even though we grieve her sweet spirit passed, the idea of this makes my soul soar beyond comprehension.

Sweet dreams precious Anya. You saw me through so many of mine.  

Countless kisses you were given by us. And perhaps you are now loving on your almighty Master...

And what could be sweeter than kissing the face of the one who loves you more than me and made your precious spirit. 

We are both dreamers sweet Anni...and tonight, I will see you in mine, love.

(Anya Royale Marris 1998-2013) 

anya 3.jpg