This Time 3 years Ago - Our Engagement Story

For the past 3 years around this time, I start to reminisce...

I'm a daydreamer by it is no surprise that during my favorite season and since our engagement was this time as daydream processor is on over drive :)

And my heart skips a beat just thinking about it.

3 years man completely surprised me.

He had a ring. And it was for me. 

His heart for the Lord and for mine made this a moment in time I will never forget. 

(This song is us to a "T" and makes me smile:) 


 At the time we were co-leading for Young Life. (The way we met is a fun story I would love to share another time! :)

We went to a tennis match that afternoon at the High School the Kavs went to and cheered on some of our sweet kids with one of our favorite couples.


Suddenly, the Kavs  said we needed to go. Not really akin to his laid back nature, but I went with it...

He had planned a dinner for me at my parents and since he knew how much I loved watching the sun set...he told me we had to leave soon to get up onto the roof on time.

Still....I was completely oblivious. If you have ever read this blog or know me personally, you may find this is a theme that somewhat repeats naivete. 



He made my favorite! Sweet potatoes and chicken marinara!

I remember taking photos of him because of how hard and intentionally he was working. Precious to me. 


And if you know the also wouldnt be a surprise to you that he scarfed his meal and I ate like a bird...enjoying ever single bite! :)

I could tell he was more antsy than normal...but I figured it was simply because he wanted to be on the roof before sunset? I ran to grab a sweatshirt and we climbed up all three flights up stairs to our romantic destination...


 Oh my word...

I had no idea what time and energy and thought was coming... 

The effort and heart he poured into this blew me away...but still I had no idea... 

Kavs spread out a blanket on the cold roof floor and began to read a front and back packet that he had hand-typed of bible verses that reminded him of me... 


We probably read for an hour, but no concept of time did I have in this moment. 

I was swept up in his thoughtful, God-breathed, tender words.

Upon completion...he pulled this book out of his backpack. 

It was the male counter-part to a male/female book series that I had hoped we would some day read together, but I thought he had never cracked its binding. 


I opened it to find words highlighted and underlined...he had read and taken to heart every single word.

My heart soared. 


At this point I was misty eyed and squeezed him, but he was still not done...

Kavs reached for his backpack again and pulled out this book.

About a month before, Kavs asked me to bible shop with him for his masters program. He had asked which one I liked the best for him and when he chose the more feminine one, I thought it was odd, but went with it:) 


Turns was for me... 

And he had UNDERLINED EVERY VERSE we had just gone over during the past hour. Amazing...

"Turn to Mark 10:7" he said, "and read what it says..." The waterworks started to flow and I could barely make out the words, "the two will become one."


The best part was, I didnt even notice the little white piece of paper hidden in the fold!!

When he pointed it out, I picked it up and he asked me if this is the kind of ring I might like.

I said....yes...and Kavs said, "Well, good. Then, this is the part where you need to stand up."

So I did, he got on one knee...and you might imagine what came next...



If I would have picked it out myself...I dont think I would have found one that I loved THIS much. 

He told me later he spent 4 hours looking at rings with his dad downtown...and came out at the end to fnd a parking ticket on his car since he had been gone so long :)


We stayed on the roof for hours...well after dark... 

And then went out on an ice cream date to celebrate !

My parents returned home and we cracked open a bottle of wine and talked into the late night :) 


It was tender, God-honoring, and a private setting. Exactly what the Kavs wanted for us and I adored every minute.