Every year, like so many of you, a word is laid on my 💗 I used to be skeptical of this concept. And why would anyone care to know? But now, I'm simply floored at how a few letters nestled together can carry such incredible significance over the course of a calendar year & I can't help but share. {2016 here. 2015 here.}

Last year, it was "meditate." Prayer & study first before seeking earthly advice. The funny thing is, when this word was laid upon my soul, I already knew it was going to be an exciting, but extraordinarily challenging year. After being asked to speak at a conference on being brave in Him, I knew God was going to have a field day with my melancholy spirit😎 We had an unexpected best selling book. Book promotions around the country. A devastating baby loss. New careers for both my husband and myself. A new state. A new home. And now a baby due in March. But for some reason I went into it all with open arms. Living life for the experience & ridding our lives of the "stuff." I had an overwhelming peace through prayer that God already knew what was ahead and He had already equipped us to work through these trials ahead, heartbreak and all. 2016 broke me, repaired me, and blew me away through freedom in Christ.


2017's word was not made clear until a few nights ago. I woke at 3am, and was overwhelmed by a few words. Two of which were not only "focus" but "refocus" as well. God can be so clear with His intention when we seek Him guys. He knows How quickly I can get lost in my thoughts. With work, a toddler, a traveling husband and a new baby, not only do I need to intentionally (consistently) remind myself to stay focused on the task ahead. But to also "refocus" my attention so that my thoughts are consistently being redirected to Him, my man, my babies, others around me. And not focused on my own silly need to be relevant. I so believe focusing less on ourselves being "someone" makes us the MOST relevant. Amen?

God only knows our days ahead. Numbered, they are. So, my prayer in 2017 is to "focus" first. To make the most of these short hours, days and years. But to also constantly be "refocusing" my {at times clouded lens} & keep Him in the center of my frame.


Can I just share about our love for Hello Fresh for a moment?

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Since we moved out of state this year, I have wanted to give extra special gifts to our dear friends.

And JORD WOOD WATCHES seemed like just the perfect gift for one of my all time dearest.

Jord Wood Watches are a stunning work of art that just happen to also tell time.

Kavs and I get asked about them so very often.


On my box they wrote:

"Far apart. But hearts as close as Sisters."

And on the watch itself, is my dear friend's initials.

How sweet to think of each other each time we look at our lovely watches.

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