We have simply been OVERWHELMED by your incredible response to our #1 BEST SELLER on Amazon!

My heartbeat for our future generations.

Schools are using "Bloom With Mi" in their curriculums. Entire children's events are being planned around the theme, world-wide companies, organizations and foundations are embracing "Mi," and it has been a sincere honor to be even the smallest part of your sweet little ones lives.

A bit about "Bloom With Mi":

Our Mi character (“Me” in Italian) has no color to her skin or hair…because we want girls everywhere, from every background and ethnicity to relate to her. The only color visible is placed intentionally on her floral crown and paint brush -- placing emphasis on the importance of what we do for others, over what we look like. No matter who we are, we can flourish and use our special abilities to give back!

And everyday she has a choice. To make this life journey about "Mi," or to "use her gifts to give" back and BLOOM! When she decides to love on others...she leaves behind metaphorical bloom from her flower crown.

Bloom With Mi - Author's Note:

This generation is experiencing a world different than it has ever been before. I believe social media opens a WONDERFUL community in which to connect and share our hearts & gifts (it even inspired this story). Yet, in this increasingly selfie-focused culture, I yearn for a balance of other-focused living, alongside sharing the beauty we make. I believe it’s our job to love others and doing so gives life richness and true fulfillment. 
My hope is that you cherish this book with your sweet ones.
That these words will spark their curiosity,
and that their eyes will be opened to the wonder of “using their gifts to give” & celebrating others.


Finally! {The most FUN part!} A percentage of every book sold will go towards a different "MI-ssion of the Month" that we partner with! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this sweet book's mission! If you'd like to partner with us to share YOUR sweet one's bloom, we would love to celebrate what they are doing in their community to give back! Use these hashtags so we can cheer you on!

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You can also follow along in our BLOOM WITH MI journey here!