Perfection on the Penninsula - Part 1

The longer we are married, the more the Kavs and I are finding it critical to not only to have "date nights" on the calendar...but to also get away -- just he and I. 

And since we are both working most days of the week, getting "away" means more than a night where we shut down out our computers and grab a good movie.

We literally need to leave the house, or I am ashamed to admit...I become restless with that check list lingering over my head and most likely our good intentions will ultimately turn to work.

Do you go through this? 

So we packed our bags, found an incredible cabin, recommended by my dear friend Katrina and we headed to charming Door County. 

Now THIS is a sight I like to see :) A fully packed car, with bicycles in tow...



Only a 3 hour drive and we pulled up here, to this private--charming cabin... 




I was tickled!!

And poor Kavs. He had to deal with my squeals of delight,  (but secretly I could see in his eyes --  he was squealing inside too ;)


So we unpacked out bags and set out for a walk on the shores of Ephraim.



It was incredibly ideal.

In a "will somebody pinch me" type of way.


The ironic part: My mother was on the beautiful cape out east at the time...but in just a short drive....I felt like we were there as well.


The air was crisp, we had soothing chamomile tea with honey and lemon, and we watched the sunset over the glistening bay. 


No emails to answer. No phones ringing. Just he and I. 

Counting our blessings to even have the chance to get away. 

And we were dreaming. 

We were nestled in the woods, but steps away from the water front and night life. 


The entire time, my heart was jumping out of my chest.

I was that excited. 

Its the little things. 


This is the charming place we hope to stay in next year? The French Country Inn...

It was next store to our cabin and so, so beautiful. 


I will be posting more photos of our adventures next week too, if you care to see them :)

Truly, if you havent made it to Door County...the Fall will be incredible!! 

Lord knows we could all use time away with our loved ones... to feed our souls in this crazy busy world.

Happy Friday!!!