Why "Baby-Mooning" was a Must for Us

When I first heard the term "Baby-Moon," (a term used for a pre-baby, last time you ever have time alone, just you and him get-away) I promised myself I would never give in to this kind of pregnancy lingo...

Well, guess what? 

I just did :-)

And plenty of other obnoxious preggo lingo as well...

When you are loving on your unborn babe already this much, it changes you and becomes it sort of hard not to :-)

Back in February, Kavs said we should plan a getaway to Florida to visit our wonderful friends who are moving back to Africa this summer, so we decided to make it our "Baby-Moon" adventure as well. Our one time to get away just us and celebrate this tiny life before we meet her in August!

Between a 7 day a week schedule of my business, working in media and design at our Church and Kavs' career as a therapist and a tennis pro/coach...our ships all too frequently pass in the night. Truly, the need was there to get away, just us, reconnect and dream together again.

Of course, even if we had gotten away somewhere local, it would have been just as meaningful...but the chance to see life-long friends, feel the sun shine on our faces, the sand between our toes and breathe in the warm Florida air -- made it simply a breath-taking adventure and a very necessary one.

Even if no one ever reads this...I adore this idea of an online journal, so we can share these moments with our future babes someday...

Here are a few captures from a trip we will not soon forget.

photo (1).JPG

Love him so much! Not sure if I am more excited to meet this babe, or to see her in his arms. My heart skips a beat just thinking about it...

We brought books on tape, endless magazines and journals...but all we both wanted to do was talk and drink in God's glorious creation that surrounded us from Wisconsin, through Kentucky, Tennessee and all the way to Florida.


Nashville, TN


EASTER morning we couldnt make it to church, so we dressed up anyway and listened to countless sermons and played bluegrass hymns. 

We arrived in Florida and enjoyed every minute with our friends! Oh how we miss them every time we leave!


And we experienced our first ever Chick-Fil-A 


And hitting up a Cracker Barrel is always a must for me on the trip down South.


After 3 days with friends, we arrived at the Hilton, checked into our beach-view room and first stop was the beach!


With a few indulgences sprinkled in...

Mostly, we sat on the beach, or in our room while the salty air blew in through the sheer wind-taken curtains, but we also made a few mid day visits.

Have you been to downtown Disney? Free and definitely worth the trip!


An inspiration for our nursery and baby shower :)


For our sweet niece Rory (Aurora).


St. Augustine was another new favorite spot we discovered. The fort was fascinating.


My Kavs has gotten really awesome at taking beautiful captures and always takes the best ones when people arent looking.


Listening to our fascinating tour guide.


A few more of his beautiful captures...here are a few maternity shots Kavs took.


Can't wait to meet you soon...sweet dreaming baby girl...

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 7.37.13 AM.png