A Must: Scheduling Time to Dream

Weekends full of hosting birthday parties/events and weeks busting at the seems with art classes, the planning for those classes and parties, bible studies, working several jobs, developing a line of accessories, blogging and taking pretty pictures all while making sure my man is loved on, our home kept up, and finding time to see our wonderful friends has led me to this thought...what got us to here? and...am I nurturing that which has inspired me to do what God has blessed my heart with in the first place?

I have been meaning to post on this for weeks and of course this laundry list of (although all things I adore...Praise Him) bullet points to check off on my list has prevented me night after night from doing so.

Then tonight, i read this post from a new friend who is world renown in her craft and it inspired me to finish this post that has been sitting on the back burner of my blog interface since I attended THIS conference in September ;)

Scheduling time to dream? An oxi-moron? Perhaps...generally dreaming comes out of a time unscheduled, but in this season of life, I am finding it a necessity. 

Dreaming used to come out of painting with no agenda as a child, or dancing with the tall peonies in my mother's front garden, but the over-used word "busy" in our lives has on occasion stolen this time from me.

Overwhelmed,...I emailed my sweet and incredibly put-together friend of four little ones a few weeks back, asking for her advice on how to refresh and re-boot after a  busy day that starts at 5am and generally wraps around 2am. 

Her advice was simple, but intentional. Beautiful just as she is.

So I have come to realize this truth: I must be scheduling small moments in my day to reflect, sit still and be...even if for only a moment in time. 

A cup of tea. A date with my favorite artist on pandora. Or some time to reflect on His word. 

Without guilt that I am taking a break from "work."

And in those moments...I decided it is necessary for me to take time to dream again.


Dreaming, after all, sparks within me inspiration.  Excitement for the future, new fresh ideas, and ways to love on those around me in ways I was failing to before. It puts life back into perspective and helps me to see life in ways I ought.

A burst of joy and revelation are born of it and my heart skips a beat when I am able to do so. That joy found when drinking in a stunning sunset, instead of simply riding past it. When stopping to talk with a 91 year old neighbor who simply wants to share his beautiful story instead of checking my watch to be sure I am "on time." 

If our crazy busy lives have forced us now into "scheduling" time for this...so be it.

If not,...then where does the creativity spur from if we are too tired to notice the beauty everywhere around us? 

It is essential.

Not because escapism is necessary or because I live in a fantasy world (although I have been accused of thinking I live in a movie world where I believe everything will simply fall into place :) But reality is simple. We live in a dark world and the decision to choose joy or not can make or break us.

In all honesty, Im not completely certain what I wish to accomplish in this post and perhaps I have left you in complete confusion?

I have just been made so aware of the necessity of reflection and being "still." Taking time to listen. Taking time to reflect. Taking time to dream.

And through the refreshment I find in it, I hope that I can love others more.

And as small as my life may be...I can better fulfill what my maker put me here to do...

...when I schedule time to dream...