T A P E S T R Y magazine

"Depression, Anxiety, Comparison, Grief, Chronic Illness, Worry - these chains are real, but Freedom is Ours..." - THE TAPESTRY MAGAZINE

As of late, the more I work in fabric, I have completely been enraptured by the medium of textiles.

Rich, lustrous fabrics, bold colours, and textures.

Especially the woven beauty of intricate Tapestry. A myriad of beautiful pieces, coming together to tell one greater story.

And this.

{{On a faith-FULL, Truth abounding, beauty and awe-inspiring level}}

This is exactly what the Tapestry Magazine is all about. {{I was thrilled to get a sneak peek at this publication last week and I have been over-the-moon to share with you!}}

It is a magazine for the mind, body, and spirit that you will be inspired by, I assure you. 

Like a well-crafted tapestry, this LIBERTY issue is a gorgeous collection of different real-life stories and stunning captures, woven together in love. Thoughts steeped in TRUTH and hope and joy and soul-quenching honesty, with bits and pieces of stunning captures, creativity, and even nourishing recipes as well!

A little bit of everything.

I would love to know what you think! And I pray that your heart is as encouraged as mine was.

You can find your copy Here!

Be blessed today friends. 


***This post is sponsored by THE TAPESTRY Magazine, but all opinions are my own***

A Handful of FAVORITE Art Projects for Home!

In the spirit of listing our SUMMER CLASSES TOMORROW (EEEEK!!!!) and since we have taken a bit of a break from curriculum-based classes at Bloom-Prints Art Studio since the birth of our baby girl, I thought it would be so fun to share a few of some of my FAVORITE classes that I have either written and/or taught for previous sessions...

...Classes that you can do AT HOME with your sweet littles!

Please share your photos with me if you do any of these at home! I would so love to watch your little ones blooming with creativity!!

I hope you all enjoy!!!


Also, from my "painting with the masters" series, this is probably my favorite study I have ever written! I simply adored their use of movement & watching each artist bloom as they overcame their fear of failure by underpainting in white and not being able to use pencil to pre-draw! Try this one with your sweet kiddos!

Click on class title to check out the tutorial!

2. THE BOY WHO COULD ENTER PAINTINGS - A 3 and 4 Year Old Tiny Tykes Session

For this sweet Tiny Tykes class I read the book "The Boy Who Could Enter Paintings" (an incredibly imaginative and whimsical story of a boy with an artist father who experiences life inside famous paintings! In this lesson, each child figuratively "jumped" into their paintings (with a picture of their hands on their page) and they finished them with finger-painted flowers!

Click on class title to check out the tutorial!


3. ABSTRACT PAINTING WITH LITTLES: A reverse painting method

This was a birthday party with a group of sweet young girls, and the birthday girl's mama requested "abstract art" for a theme.  They started by drawing in sharpie, adding color to their blooms and in a reverse style, added their backgrounds in at the end! The result was lovely!

Click on class title to check out the tutorial!

4.  GEORGIA O'KEEFE FLOWERS (Painting with Glue)

This mixed media project is from my "painting with the masters" series. Each child learned techniques in still life drawing, working in chalk pastel medium, blending and working in glue! 

Click on class title to check out the tutorial!

Check out a handful of other classes in my ART CLASSES Link! Happy BLOOMING!

Create. Be Inspired. Bloom.

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