In honor of HARTLAND KID'S DAY TODAY...a child friendly recipe :) 

Cookies + Made in a Pizza Pan + Ice Cream = Pizookies

(aka--the best ice cream treat on earth!) 


I am a self proclaimed ice cream addict.

Extreme you say? Well, unless it's normal to not be able to go a night without this creamy confection...then yes, an addict would be about right :)

(High School Flash Back...Big Scoop Night at Sharp Top Cove Camp in Jasper, GA :) 


In fact, at my bridal shower, we received 6 ice cream scoops, three sets of ice cream dishes with matching spoons...

(Me and my vintage ice cream parlor dishes) 


...and this plate. 


Now that I've set the stage...I must share with you one of my favorite ice cream treats.

Simple, but lovely. 

While living in Los Angeles, we used to frequent a pizza place called BJ's. That is where the Pizookie love affair began.

Three simple ingredients: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ice Cream, whipped cream.

Photo From BJ's Restaurant 

Photo From BJ's Restaurant 

The secret?

Pull the cookies out of the oven, just before the center cooks all the way through. The cold ice cream against the warm cookies...divine!!


Place each cookie warm in individual bowls (preferably fun, colorful ones:) and scoop the ice cream right over the top.


Make sure your ice cream is softened. If it is too hard and cold, your taste buds can only taste up to a certain temperature and you wont get the full experience ;)


Finish off with toffee pieces, whipped cream or a tiny bit of hot fudge.  



So easy. You, your kiddos (and your hubby) will love it!