Abstract Painting Birthday Party!

Several months ago, this incredible Artist scheduled her daughter's birthday party with us at Bloom-Prints Studio! Visit her online or if you are local, visit her stunning shop HERE!

Amy had requested an abstract painting theme for her darling daughter and I was thrilled at the opportunity to branch away from our usual, very structured birthday party art.

See below for a step by step tutorial. This lovely project had been derived from this tutorial!

These tiny artists created some stunning work!


We started out drawing abstract flowers with sharpie markers.

Then the girls were allowed to "free style"...making it their own by adding rainbows, sunshine etc!

I adore how the sharpie peeks through on the flowers, once they are painted!


Then we started color mixing to build our flowers, staying within a color palate of reds, pinks and oranges.


To finish, we used a unique technique I found from an artist I studied under years ago.

After our flowers were established and our green leaves added, we built in gray paint around the flowers. (Usually we would work on the background first and then develop the foreground, but I love the whimsical feel this technique offers).

Finally, touches of Gold acrylic were added.


And this was our Sweet Birthday girl, Miette's painting.

Completely smitten with how it turned out!! Stunning!


Balloon Finger Print Painting Curriculum for Pre-Kinders!

We have been working on a super fun curriculum this fall/winter...and I am so, so sad that it will soon come to an end this month!

We have been working on a sensory curriculum...involving a lot of body printing.

Everything has been based upon fine motor skills with these tiny tykes and we have also been doing a LOT of finger printing, hand and foot prints :)

These projects were some of my favorite. We worked on two different projects where the kids worked on finger printing the end of each balloon string (as opposed to smearing the paint all over their canvas :) Dont get me wrong...I adore the crazy finger paintings that are crazy messy, but this is a totally new skill at this age.

Check out their adorable work! I took their photos outside in the courtyard outside of the studio and desaturated their darling images to create their painting template :)

OH these kids melt me!!!


This was another project a different day, but I love these just as much!!