I've got a really amazing mama to share with you! She's a mama of 4 precious littles, has run several businesses out of her home, and she just developed an e-course to help anyone dreaming of starting a blog or building an online presence. You will LOVE her!

A little more from sweet Natalie herself. Enjoy, friend! xo!


Hello! I’m Natalie, a wife, mother of four and author of I’m so excited that Amy let me hop on her blog today to share some exciting news with you! I love the community I've found through blogging and all these beautiful mamas who cheer each other on! athomewithnatalie-02

I started blogging in 2009. It's given me the opportunity to stay at home with our kids and help our family financially, all by doing something that I love! I want the same for you! athomewithnatalie-1

I've been working really hard, with all my mamas in mind...... Today I’m launching Natalie's Blogging E-Course for Moms! I’m sharing how you can start your blog, grow your following and earn money blogging. athomewithnatalie-01

Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a blog, or you already have one and really want to see it grow. My course is the perfect fit for you!

A couple of my favorite parts of the course is the video on editing iPhone photos (for quick and beautiful blog content) steps for how to brand yourself and tips on how to interact with brands. I even include my email template for brand collaborations so you can get started right away on earning even more with your blog!

If you’ve been wanting to figure out a way to stay home with your kids, this course is for you. BABY4

If you want to start a blog and have your own creative space but you don’t know where to even begin, this course is for you! athomewithnatalie4

If your family could really use another source of income, this course is for you. athomewithnatalie2

Life is too short to put off your dreams and goals. I'll be here to guide and cheer you on a long the way. I would love to connect with you. You can reach out to me through social media and my blog.

Huge thank you to Amy for letting me share this project of mine!



Are you {or someone you love} interested in taking your creative writing skills to a new level?

Do you want to grow as a writer, 
but don’t know the next steps to take?


Or maybe you want to get published
but don’t know where to begin?

Then Writing with Grace is the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one.

I am so, so, SO excited to share with you this wonderful 6 week writing course from my dear friend and {former Wheaton Professor} that launches TODAY! {{COUPON CODE below}}

I met sweet Ann at this beautiful conference a few years back, and ever since I have dreamed we lived closer. She has loved on our girl in so many ways, is FULL of inspiration, love, grace and is beyond gifted as a writer and teacher.

A bit more about Ann:

Ann Swindell has been writing professionally for nearly a decade, and her work has been featured in RELEVANT Magazine, Darling Magazine, Today’s Christian Woman, Deeply Rooted, (in)courage, The Influence Network, and multiple other publications.
Ann holds an MA in Writing from DePaul University and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Seattle Pacific University. She taught writing and creative writing courses at Wheaton College for five years as a college professor and is passionate about helping other writers communicate clearly and powerfully as they seek to tell their own stories well.

You can purchase her course HERE with coupon code: LAUNCHDAY for 15% off! AND you can get to know her more at