A Compromise & Flower Adorned Antlers Tutorial

Marriage is all about compromise...amen?

So, when my husband (an amazing hunter and sportsman) asks me to hang any of his prized antlers in our living room and I repeatedly say, "how about we hang them in the closet?" Probably not so fair...?

My husband is incredible at putting my needs ahead of his own, but we still are so, so different and often times...a compromise is what we need to make this whole thang work. Compromise needs to be strong and functional like a deer's antlers, but also nurtured like a flower to bloom beautifully.

Well this weekend when my man was working hard prepping the fishing boat in the garage for spring and I came across this gem...I decided it was only fair to compromise and hang his antlers...but with a touch of bloom!

Of course, I have never crafted with carcass before, so perhaps this seems fairly odd? But please bear with me (or perhaps "deer" with me)? 

Recently I was inspired by this incredible mama's graphic art and my girl Ruthie's nursery for her sweet baby Lucy Joy - due in 5 days!!

Here is what you need to re-create at home. {If you don't have your husbands extra antlers lying around, you can always purchase faux ones....like these!). 

1. I found these stunning blooms at Harvest Home in our home town. Truly, I will take any chance I can get to support small business! {I just hated cutting up such lovely stems}.

2. The most important part of this process for me was adding tissue paper as a barrier so that I would not get any hot glue on my husband's deer. Especially if he ever decides to mount them (sans flowers) some day.

DSC_2496 copy copy.jpg

3. When cutting blooms, the best thing to do is cut the stem a bit far away from the base. If you cut too close, your flower can fall apart...depending on its structure.

4. Arrange your blooms and hot glue right onto the tissue. At first I didn't want to add any greenery, but after the flowers were added, it needed a something extra. I added some to the front and longer stems to the back.

5. Finally, I added a bit of sturdy fabric (you can also use felt) to the back to prevent scratching on your wall and to hold your greens in place.

What do you think? I adore how it gives this space just a pop of the color it needed. And it is the perfect combination of my adoration for bloom and my husband's incredible skill as a huntsman. It is also a great reminder, hanging right there on my wall to see daily, that compromise, love and nurturing one another is what we need.

Please share photos if you try this at home!! I would LOVE to see your creations!

Happy Blooming {and compromising} ;)

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Abstract Painting Birthday Party!

Several months ago, this incredible Artist scheduled her daughter's birthday party with us at Bloom-Prints Studio! Visit her online or if you are local, visit her stunning shop HERE!

Amy had requested an abstract painting theme for her darling daughter and I was thrilled at the opportunity to branch away from our usual, very structured birthday party art.

See below for a step by step tutorial. This lovely project had been derived from this tutorial!

These tiny artists created some stunning work!


We started out drawing abstract flowers with sharpie markers.

Then the girls were allowed to "free style"...making it their own by adding rainbows, sunshine etc!

I adore how the sharpie peeks through on the flowers, once they are painted!


Then we started color mixing to build our flowers, staying within a color palate of reds, pinks and oranges.


To finish, we used a unique technique I found from an artist I studied under years ago.

After our flowers were established and our green leaves added, we built in gray paint around the flowers. (Usually we would work on the background first and then develop the foreground, but I love the whimsical feel this technique offers).

Finally, touches of Gold acrylic were added.


And this was our Sweet Birthday girl, Miette's painting.

Completely smitten with how it turned out!! Stunning!


Georgia O'Keefe Inspired Chalk and Glue Paintings

A few weeks ago, our kids learned about the stunning work of artist, Georgia O'Keefe. 


First, we discussed the difference between "bird's eye" views and "bug's eye" view. Then, I requested each artist sketch a quick example of one or both as a warm up so I knew they were grasping the concept.


Each artist then grabbed a flower for inspiration. 


And they began to sketch and shade their lovely flowers in complementary colors of choice. They are breath taking.


Coloring their drawings in complementary colors really made the flowers POP! 


And drawing in black glue finished their portraits, which was inspired by this lesson!

I  am absolutely in love!


Beautiful work!!