Before/After - Nautical Living Room Flip on a Budget

Stretched. Patience gained. Beauty Attained.

(As mentioned in our Kitchen Flip AND Bedroom Flip ): What began as a 3 week stint...evolved into a 7 month furlough when my husband and I moved into my parents, while looking at homes to buy.

Praise Him, eventually our prayers were answered, and we found the location of our dreams. Now, it was time to flip this 1970's dated space. 

I adore all things nautical and have always loved these styles were married together to inspire our cozy living space! 

Welcome to our home! Come take a quick tour... 

This was our living room, pre-flip: 




Now: My Reading Nook


This clothes rack was a piece of tin I found for $6 at a flea market, and the spindles...from a dumpster dive on a near by farm... 





The main living area: BEFORE smelled of musty cat and astro-turf-esque flooring.





The main living area: AFTER



This blown up photo from our wedding only cost me $13 (which beats spending hundreds on a canvas print).

I hope to do a tutorial on this in the future! 



At first, I kind of...well (hated) this shelf. I wanted to re-finish it in a darker stain or paint it. When it wouldn't fit up the stairs to go into the Kav's study, it found a home in our living room. I have to say, has kind of grown on me ;) 



Above: Most of the pieces in this shelf are either re-purposed or flea market finds!  

How Great Thou Art Sign = Re-claimed barn wood from a dumpster dive (cleaned and painted) 

Corbels = Elkhorn Flea Market

Large Wine Bottles = Saved from Annual Christmas Asti Toast

White Vase = My grandmother's wedding gift (sanded and painted) 

White Cross and White mini flower vases =  The Dollar Tree

Pineapple = On sale at Harvest Home  

Frame = Marshalls (on sale) 

Below: This is a prized special of ours! My sweet friend Nicole (read about her story here) knew I was searching for an inexpensive mantle. She was rummaging one morning and found this incredible white one on a front lawn and she snatched it for $45. Yay Nicki!  

I wasn't sure how to fill the space in the center of the mantle. I tried a mirror and candles, but when we put the tv up, there were too many wires. Then, I found this faux "tin ceiling" at Menards. I love how it fits!



This wood was found in a dumpster dive I did at a local barn that was being torn down. Washed it, painted it and a polyurethane finish.

Amazing Grace ... so sweet, so simple and yet so true.



Home, Sweet Home. 

Good-Will Monogram Wreath Tutorial

Spring and Summer Wreath. 

The midwest saw a long winter this year. Perhaps that's why I had spring fever and started my spring wreath shopping in February?  I saw and fell in love with this beautiful wreath from Target, but at $40, it was more than I wanted to spend.  I bought it on sale...

Target Smith and Hawkin Wreath

Target Smith and Hawkin Wreath

But I took it back because I came up with a less expensive,  more fitting alternative!

One that wouldnt blend in with the color of my front door...something just a bit more unique. 

I was looking for ways to use up all of the old Good-Will frames I bought to showcase my portraits for this Gallery night. 

This was the process and end result...


First, I pulled out all of the backing of this old frame from Good Will.  

Then I spray-painted the brown frame black. 


Next, I purchased a $1.50 monogram (on sale) from Michaels to make it personal...


Hooks went in next.

I hammered a tiny hole with a nail first and then hand screwed tiny hooks.

They cracked slightly, but didn't wreck the integrity of the wood. 


It hung so nicely! I was thrilled.



On went the leaves and then the flowers ...hydrangeas. My favorite! 



And then, picking the ribbon?? 



I couldn't quite decide... 


Couldn't, I decided to double them up... 

I was very pleased with the end result and now, for a fraction of the cost of my favorite wreath, I have a personalized one, good for spring and summer to welcome us and our guests! 

Win, Win!

(Please don't mind the scotch painter's tape on the back of the painting in progress over here :) 


If you try one, please let me know! I would LOVE to see your ideas!! Happy Wednesday!!