A Birthday Tribute to a True Lady...

Yesterday was my birthday.

Everyone's birthday holds special significance.

A new year. A time to re-evaluate ones life and reflect.

It inspires wonderful childhood memories. 

In our family, every year, my father re-counts how I slid out like a "bar of soap" when I made my entrance into the world. He remarks on how I was born on 8/4/84 at 8:04 in the morning and weighed 8lbs 4oz and without fail, my mother corrects him with, "no...it was 8:03am." 


For me, I reflect on the past  years, thank God for my countless blessings, make goal lists for the "new year..." 

But mostly...I remember this woman: My Granny.


My heart flutters, simply by sharing this woman with you.

My entire life, her legacy of elegance has made an impact on me and I only knew her 6 short years.


Florence (Flossy) Leslie was my great grandmother.

She was born a British woman, full of grace and femininity. As a young child she came over on the boat with her sister and somehow they managed to make a life here.

She was the pinacle of health and did everything in her power to make the most of her resources for her family. 

Regardless of sharing birth dates, and although I will never live up to her grace and charm, its remarkable how many similarities we possess. 

From disposition to body type, I take after her more than any one of my relatives and she has always taken a very special place in my heart.

 She lived to be 100 and I was born on her 94th birthday. 


You see, I was born an "old soul."


As a tiny girl, I adored anything antique,...years before it was vogue.

I baked, I sewed, I drank tea, read the classics, rode horses and preferred black and white films over current ones. 

I threw regular tea parties and one year for my birthday, my parents even threw me a "Little Women" party. My father was sport enough to dress up as our butler too!

Oh, the giggles that commenced. 

Pretty much, I was your basic nerd :) But I owned it.  


Looking back, so much of what I naturally loved was closely aligned with my Granny's passions and those carried over into my adult life as well... 


Even my bridal gown, flowers and overall wedding theme was inspired by my Granny's memory and her classic taste. 



All that to say...It's quite remarkable how one person can leave a lasting legacy on your life, long after they are gone. 

Growing up, I recall these words from my mother,

"All women are females, but few women are ladies...SHE was a lady." 

So very true.

So, this is a tribute. A birthday tribute. 

To a woman who was the essence of beauty, grace and elegance.  

The world could use more ladies like this one. 

I only pray that I could be even half the "lady" she was.