Can I just share about our love for Hello Fresh for a moment?

When we heard from Hello Fresh that they wanted to team up...I was over the moon!

As a working-from-home mama...having such awesome, pre-prepped, HEALTHY and fresh meals delivered to my door was the dreaaaamiest!

Not only did it was a special treat for the new year, it also sparked within me a new found excitement for cooking with less intimidation. Items I have never cooked with before, like fresh ginger or certain vegetables...I feel more confident in the kitchen when cooking for my family than ever before!


We received these three beautiful meals from their VEGGIE BOX: Pesto Flatbread (pictured), Tomato Tagliatelle, & The Protein Packed Rice Bowl. It even came with the most beautiful canvas apron!

The meals were SO lovely and the service was so incredible, that we teamed up to give you $35 off your first box of meals ... just to try it!

I promise you will fall in love!

Just CLICK HERE, review their delicious options, place your order and use CODE: 

AMYK35 to take $35 off your order! 

Enjoy and happy, healthy, FRESH cooking!!!