Our little bloom bebe turned a year this past weekend...

{{A year!!}}

And since we wanted to celebrate this little life, but also {{since our budget was near zero for a party}}, I promised Kavs that I would only use decor we already had.

Which means...I had more FUN getting creative and using sweet vintage finds from the Studio, our house, and we were also blessed with a few wonderful gifts from some of our favourite businesses on Instagram (details below).

A few streamers, heirloom tea cups, handmade cupcakes, and a homemade bubble concoction {{with some of the BEST friends and family imaginable}} made this Woodland Tea Party a precious, whimsical day we will not soon forget. {{And a HUGE THANK YOU to my parents, for graciously opening up their home!}}

Celebrating a birthday doesn't have to be an extraordinary expense!

Keeping it all about LIFE and LOVED ones was our goal, and what a sweet day it was!

Happy First Birthday, to the apple of our eye...

Plates I have collected over the flea markets, The Good Will, and from my sweet mama!

Glass teardrop bottles  from our "message in a bottle" theme from our wedding and my great grandmother's tea set.

Banners that my grandmother made for Mila's nursery {{here}}, a bird cage from our wedding, and a thrifted chalkboard for Millie's monthly photos board.

This high chair crib was from Mila's baby shower {{here}}.

Since I made these little ladies flower crowns, it was only fitting the little men had Peter Pan hats..{{tutorial below}}. :)

...And gigantic bubbles a mile long seem to make any party a hit!

It was sweet Lukey's birthday that day too!

And the babes weren't the only ones having fun! This beautiful mama is one of my life-long besties!

What's In A Name? Naming our Mila

You will bear a child...and their name shall be...

Biblically and historically the past is littered with accounts of the importance of naming one's child. God would "ordain" specific names for children in the womb or even re-name adults when they had become a new person in Him, reborn by the Holy Spirit.

To us, this importance has not changed. 

Last Christmas Day we were overwhelmed with joy and grateful souls as our hearts soared with the news...we were given the ultimate gift,...we were expecting a baby.

Soon the name search commenced...and from the historical importance God placed on naming a child, this was something we did not take lightly.

Since Nick and I both have a heart for our heritage and family, we climbed the limbs of our family tree, reaching for a name that would prove the trifecta of precious, beautiful and significant to us. Nothing quite stuck as we swung from these proverbial branches, so we began to dive deep within our cultural roots to find that name that would fit our sweet baby girl. 

Nick and I share a Greek family heritage so we began reading online to find the right name that would represent our babe. After searching and name kept coming back to us...


As soon as I read it, I recalled the ending of our family's much loved film, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," a silly name for a film, but nonetheless this scene stuck with me. The family patriarch, Gus, is sharing the meaning of their family names and explains that "Miller" comes from the Greek work "Milo" ("mee-lo") which means "Apple."

At that moment I stopped in my tracks. How precious would it be to name our first born girl (the "Apple of Our Eye") the female derivative of the Greek word "Apple?"

Instantly I was smitten by the name.

I went online to search the more common significance of the name Mila and I was hooked:

"Gracious, dear."

"Friendly, soft, and pleasant."


"People's love."

Then came the middle name.

Our last name is quite long so we wanted to keep it short and as sweet as our babe.

Ultimately it came down to a few family names: Christine (after Nick's Grandma), Lou (after Nick's Grandpa), Marie (after several loved ones on my side of the family), and a few Greek and British names we had come to adore. Embarassed to admit, we actually left the hospital and still no middle name chosen. Yes...we were those parents who had 9 months to figure it out with no conclusion.

It proved too difficult to choose one family name and we decided on another name of Greek origin that has a precious meaning.

We chose Kate.

We loved that in this corrupted world...this world that is not our home, a name that means "purity" would be our sweet girl's namesake.

As I write this, I watch as our dear Mila Kate coos and sweetly stirs from her morning nap and my heart aches with love for her. 

So what's in a name?

To us?

A heritage. A momma and a daddy's deep, passionate, unconditional love. A blessing for our babe's future to live out it's meaning. A beautiful reminder of God's unconditional love.

Mila Kate Kavelaris - we pray over you daily. Our hearts over flow with love.

We adore you.

We will love you forever.