Simplify in 2015

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." - William Morris

Quite a while it has been since my fingers tapped these keys,... visiting our tiny corner of this online world we call "blog." All so often I used to frequent this space to share our studio classes, our life, faith, and my heart. But a few wonderful things distracted me in this season, passed.

This time last year we found out about our ultimate form of tiny babeChristmas Day in fact. And since "morning" sickness took me by storm all day (e'ry day) for almost 6 months, and after her birth this summer, and the craziness of the holidays...I am looking forward to visiting this sweet space a bit more again. 

So, as Mila rocks to the soothing melody and soft sway of her swing...I have snuck away to write, I know I don't have long before our sweet babe wakes.

 Several of my friends choose a word every year on which to set their goals upon. I adore this idea and only wish I would have started this sooner.

If in fact I had chosen a word last year, it would have been "Trust." With so many changes on our horizon with new jobs, travel, and a precious life growing rapidly within me, I knew last New Years I would need to lean on the deepest meaning of this word, more than ever. I needed to run to Him breathlessly and fearlessly with trust and abandon if I was going to get through the months of pregnancy - facing the scary unknowns every new mom faces. And as per usual - although somehow I never learn - He taught me once again that He is in fact the ultimate provider. That my truth would be found in this simple I watched, enamored, as God not only provided time and again monetarily, but by providing exactly the right souls in my path that He knew I needed and keeping the truly precious lives that I already so dearly love and adore there to keep me focused, encouraged and on track. Trust was my prayer and indeed, I observed it, was broken by it, grew from it, and I am another year more firm in my Savior.

With that, as I set my pen to paper this year to brainstorm goals and prayers for the new year, the word that keeps re-occurring in my current surroundings as new mama, wife, friend, business owner, and home-maker?  "Simplify." 


Although Im not entirely sure I know what that means for me yet, I yearn for it. Focus first on faith, family, and friends. Take time to read with my baby girl and dig deep into prayer & Truth before filling my time & home with non-constructive "filler." Stop overcommitting, keep relationships at the forefront and keep the metaphorical "clutter" (distractions) at bay. Clean out the closets of clothes that haven't been worn and re-purpose what I have before buying more "stuff." Eat the simple clean foods that fuel me and my family,  and put more emphasis on community and relationships over that never ending "check-list of 'to-do's.'" Because I know all too well, when I focus on everything I am lacking, keep the clutter in my life and zero in on my insecurities, I open the flood gates to overflow in my soul and drown me in a sea of distraction where I struggle to focus on the importance of my relationships and fail to stay afloat on the raft of goals I have set for the year. As the book "Make It Happen" by Lara Casey states, I plan to continue to emphasize "purpose" over "perfection" {and simplify my life}. 

One. Day. At. A. Time.

This is the prayer of my heart this year. I would love to hear yours, to join you in prayer and encourage you on your journey of 2015. Please share!

Let us celebrate a new year together. As this is the day that The Lord has made (Psalm 118:24)...let us rejoice, for what could be better? Amen? 

{Life} {Faith}