Up, Up, and Away! Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower for Baby K

Recently, some of our closest friends threw us a Shower for our babe arriving in August.

It was beyond description and took my breath away to see all of the hard work, beauty, talent and love they poured out on us. And the best part? The love of Christ was so, so present in this space.

A Hot Air Balloon theme was chosen and we used that for our nursery as well, as I loved the whimsy of a travel theme for our girl and the idea of living life as an adventure.

My beautiful friend Katrina snapped some lovely captures all day and since I had requests from family and friends to share these lovely photos...I couldn't WAIT to share them.

I am so thrilled to be able to share these images with our girl some day. My heart is still soaring...


Every detail was exquisite...


And when we arrived, we were greeted by these hosts! Such beauties, inside and out.

Nicole (right) I have known since the beginning. (Her story HERE).

From baths as babes to pre-school through high school, college roommates, standing up in each other's weddings and the birth of her twin miracles, we have seen each other through it all. The moment we saw each other,...we started to cry. I adore this woman.

Cyndee (left) is a dear friend and also Nicole's mother. She is alway so full of joy, grace and loves on everyone around her with her gifts and hospitality.

I love them both to pieces.


Hand-made corsage by Nicki.


The woman who made this incredible cake, also created both Nicki and my wedding cakes. Isn't she amazing?


And Nicole created this frame, that now hangs in "Baby K's" nursery.

I think it is one of my favorite pieces in our baby's room! Every time I read it, I am filled with so much gratitude for this opportunity from the Lord to experience this miracle.


Even down to the tiniest M&M's...they thought of everything!


And of course every drink dispenser needs a beach chair to hold it's iced tea with floating ducks :)


This will go down as "The Year of the Chevron and the Stripe" :)


Sweet Baby Grace came too and brought the entertainment :) You can read about her baby shower HERE!


Each one of these beautiful souls I could have spent the entire day catching up with. These women are my world and I am beyond blessed by their friendships and the wisdom they speak into my life.

Truly. LOVE them.


And my mother brought in some "vintage" items to share from my childhood...


My life long friend Cheri gave the most beautiful devotional...


...And I cried the entire time.


My girl. Takin' notes.


As if the shower weren't enough, Cyndee knew I wanted an old rocker for the nursery, so she sanded down several layers of paint to make this for the babe!


Love them all SO much!


When it came time to cut the cake, it was one of those moments where it truly was just too pretty to eat.


These beauties are soon to be sister-in-laws!!

Katrina (left) took all of these incredible captures and I had the most fun with them in Lightroom! Thank you Trina!!


It meant the world to have my first best friend...(my mother), my sister in law and one of my Grandmothers there as well. We missed my sister so much, but cant wait to see her this week!!

4 Generations.


It was the most remarkable celebration for our tiny one and I will remember it until my final days.

I am still floating. Thank You, beyond Thank You to everyone who came to support our sweet babe.

My heart is so, so full.

The Gender is in...AND It's A....??

So, the very last minute due to scheduling conflicts, our 20 week ultrasound was moved up a week! 

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself!!!! 

Right before we left for the hospital, I couldn't help but sing over and talk to this tiny soul inside me... (These days, my selfie record has escalated to a shameful high :) 

And yes,...I AM that first time mama who took photos of our ultra sound room to show baby K someday...

...As well as my hubby--smiling in his best "my wife is crazy and hormonal so Im going to put on the best smile that I can" type of way.

The tech came in and took us on a tour of this precious babe's most intricate parts...

And then we saw this and cried...

Immediately after, we went to our local bakery to pick up some gender reveal cupcakes to share with our Life Group! It was so special to share this moment with them!

We were so excited to share that I wasn't able to capture too many photos...Here is one of our sweet friend Megan and one of their precious girls!

We had the kids take the first bite to share the news... :) :) :) And the verdict is...


As I type this I have tears! We love her already!