The Gender is in...AND It's A....??

So, the very last minute due to scheduling conflicts, our 20 week ultrasound was moved up a week! 

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself!!!! 

Right before we left for the hospital, I couldn't help but sing over and talk to this tiny soul inside me... (These days, my selfie record has escalated to a shameful high :) 

And yes,...I AM that first time mama who took photos of our ultra sound room to show baby K someday...

...As well as my hubby--smiling in his best "my wife is crazy and hormonal so Im going to put on the best smile that I can" type of way.

The tech came in and took us on a tour of this precious babe's most intricate parts...

And then we saw this and cried...

Immediately after, we went to our local bakery to pick up some gender reveal cupcakes to share with our Life Group! It was so special to share this moment with them!

We were so excited to share that I wasn't able to capture too many photos...Here is one of our sweet friend Megan and one of their precious girls!

We had the kids take the first bite to share the news... :) :) :) And the verdict is...


As I type this I have tears! We love her already!

On This {New} Mama's Heart--Baby Kavelaris Coming in August!


How does one begin to share their heart on something they have been busting at the seams to share for months? I have so struggled with writing words in this post that are worthy of something that is nothing short of...miraculous.

To sum up our emotion--We are over the moon!!!

Prayers on our knees, tears, and overwhelming joy!

As many of you have experienced in your own pregnancies, I am more sick than I have ever been in my life. Trips to the ER, non stop illness and sleepless nights, but somehow it just can't stamp out the intense joy our souls are singing. 

The most brilliantly stunning hand of Jesus I have seen so far is how you can pray for a sweet soul to grow in your womb for months, and then that moment that you are blessed with the news that this dream is indeed reality, your heart swells with a passion for this unborn life and you INSTANTLY become a mother. It brings me to tears just typing this.

You are so overwhelmed with love for that tiny soul you want to do whatever you have to, to keep it safe and healthy. And then all of the ills and sickness are a mere mirage compared to this blessing.

Of course we are one of billions to give birth over centuries and my words are not profound, but I truly believe God's incomprehensible love and grace is new every morning with each new life. Each sweet tiny new soul on this earth is a miracle and a love package from God to be celebrated as if it were the first time.

We praise Him for this blessing and would cherish your prayers in this time. We are out of our minds thrilled to share this journey with you and your families and learn from you along the way!

Of course we know that with this joy trials may come in the upcoming months, and we are ready for His Will be done.

As we wait, we are praying this over Baby K:

"For in Him ALL things were created...things in heaven and on earth...all things have been created through Him and for Him. 17 He is before ALL things and in Him all things hold together." Colossians 1:16-17

Have a wonderful week and thank you for letting us share our joy!