Modern-Day "Selfies" - Modigliani Portraits

A few weeks ago I introduced Amedeo Clemente Modigliani to my 9-12 year old class!


He was an Italian painter who worked in France and his art was characterized by mask-like faces and elongation of form. He was known to leave the eyes of his portraits blank, but this creeped the kids out too much, so we added eyes, with pupils and light reflection :)

I LOVE this project.

The above are paintings, but they resemble chalk pastels, so we "painted" with chalks and they were gorgeous! 

Each artist was encouraged to look at their faces deeply in the mirror and exaggerate their features. 

Modern-Day "Selfies"--but Modigliani style ;) 

They turned out awesome and by using black tag-board...the complementary colors we used just popped on these works of art!



It got very messy, but I think all of our artists enjoyed this unique take on an exaggerated self portrait!

Here are a "handful" of our artists that day :)