T A P E S T R Y magazine

"Depression, Anxiety, Comparison, Grief, Chronic Illness, Worry - these chains are real, but Freedom is Ours..." - THE TAPESTRY MAGAZINE

As of late, the more I work in fabric, I have completely been enraptured by the medium of textiles.

Rich, lustrous fabrics, bold colours, and textures.

Especially the woven beauty of intricate Tapestry. A myriad of beautiful pieces, coming together to tell one greater story.

And this.

{{On a faith-FULL, Truth abounding, beauty and awe-inspiring level}}

This is exactly what the Tapestry Magazine is all about. {{I was thrilled to get a sneak peek at this publication last week and I have been over-the-moon to share with you!}}

It is a magazine for the mind, body, and spirit that you will be inspired by, I assure you. 

Like a well-crafted tapestry, this LIBERTY issue is a gorgeous collection of different real-life stories and stunning captures, woven together in love. Thoughts steeped in TRUTH and hope and joy and soul-quenching honesty, with bits and pieces of stunning captures, creativity, and even nourishing recipes as well!

A little bit of everything.

I would love to know what you think! And I pray that your heart is as encouraged as mine was.

You can find your copy Here!

Be blessed today friends. 


***This post is sponsored by THE TAPESTRY Magazine, but all opinions are my own***