The Influence Network Conference 2013!

This past weekend, I was incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to attend a blogging conference through the Influence Network.

Its beyond remarkable how this group of women (that I normally would not have been blessed to meet) came together through the God-Inspired ideas of a hand-full of amazing dreamers. 

"Make Your Online Life Mean Something"

is their tag line and I think it is an incredibly beautiful idea. 

Contrary to what so many believe about the internet, this online community is supportive, and encourages women to make the most of this web-based tool, whether it be through your business, Etsy Shop, or through your faith. 

The speakers were awe inspiring, the venue was exquisite and the community took my breath away. 

Oh how I miss these beauties already!!

(Please be advised--several photos to follow :)



The gorgeous registration booth...


Upon arrival, we all received these adorable swag bags, compliments of the Printed Palate. Check out their charming shop here! 


Inside there were all kinds of goodies to be found, including this sweet "anchored" necklace from Sassy's one of my newest favorites!



And this cross necklace that Im also somewhat obsessed with from Adies Lovlies :) 


My beautiful roommate Emily from A GraceFull Home and I got settled into our room and then we headed off to the festivities! 


There were several speaker panels including the adorable and creative Lindsay from Hello Hue and Natalie from The Busy Budgeting Mama and many others!


And amazing writers like Shauna Niequist who has written incredibly insightful books like Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet and Bread and Wine. Check them out! You won't want to miss them! 

(Sitting on either side of Shauna are the fascinating and inspiring founders of the event Jessi and Haley) I adore these women beyond words.


The Sashes Market was also available throughout the event, which housed addictive merchandise from several of the women attending. I mean, wow! The talent and creative inspiration seething from that room was overwhelming and made me tear up with joy looking at all of the talent that the Lord has provided these women with!


Each woman had her own unique style, blog idea and/or business and if we weren't crying from the last incredible speaker we listened to, we were smiling from ear to ear with excitement. 

(I had pinned several items from Tonya's DIY blog on the left, and didnt realize it until after the conference.)


This girl. Woah. God has gifted her with incredible wit and an ability to make any one laugh. I hope Ashley will MC every year! :)


The stunning and life giving speaker Lara Casey shared her story on her Southern Weddings Magazine and her branding business. Her heart for the Lord and family before business is a breath of fresh air. Check her out!!


And I was so blessed to meet up with my college roommies, like this beauty  Megan Burns and Jessica Cross!!! I couldn't be more blessed to know their hearts or more proud to call them friends.


Jenna spoke and it did my heart so good to watch this girl in action after following her blog years ago and watching the successes the Lord has blessed her with.


And if you want to get to know a sweet, sweet soul...hop over to Moriah's blog. What a darling woman, inside and out.


This girl. Wow.

 Stephanie is just about as sweet and beautiful as she is talented! I cannot WAIT to meet up with her in AZ and take her Hot Holy Yoga class!!



I was so blessed to laugh all weekend with these beauties!!

Ruthie has a precious baby boy named Ford and we just couldnt get enough of him at the conference. 

Jess is hysterical and I so, so wish we lived closer!! 


Teressa is my new blog twinsie :) 

We love so many of the same things and I totally admire her heart! Such a beauty inside and out! Hoping I see this girl at my next conference stop in Dallas!


All in all, simply an incredible weekend of growth and inspiration. 

It beyond exceeded my expectations. 

I can truly say I love these women, and their hearts. 

Hope to see you there next year!!