Since we moved out of state this year, I have wanted to give extra special gifts to our dear friends.

And JORD WOOD WATCHES seemed like just the perfect gift for one of my all time dearest.

Jord Wood Watches are a stunning work of art that just happen to also tell time.

Kavs and I get asked about them so very often.


On my box they wrote:

"Far apart. But hearts as close as Sisters."

And on the watch itself, is my dear friend's initials.

How sweet to think of each other each time we look at our lovely watches.

Last year we ran a discount code with our Jord friends that was so well received --  so we decided to team up again!

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Merry Christmas!!


It is no secret...we LOVE our JORD Wood Watches. They are unique, stunning and we are always amazed at how many stop us when we are out to ask us about these beautiful timepieces.

And this time of year when I want to get something special for my Kavs, this wood watch was the perfect "fit." I am so in love with the idea of giving him a gift that he will look at multiple times a day and think of us when he is traveling and at work. 

 We are also giving so many of these beauties as gifts for Christmas for the same reason. Especially precious for families and friends that live out of state!

 {And you guys... for the quality, beauty, and uniqueness of the product,...the prices are truly AMAZING}}.

So if you'd love one for your man {{or yourself}} in the New Year, we are THRILLED to be teaming up with JORD for $50 OFF your purchase!! {This is close to HALF off some of their styles}} EEEeeee!!!

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are mine.

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JORD wood watches are a true art form.

A wonderfully functional work of favorite! {{See our JORD review HERE!}}

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