Good-Will Monogram Wreath Tutorial

Spring and Summer Wreath. 

The midwest saw a long winter this year. Perhaps that's why I had spring fever and started my spring wreath shopping in February?  I saw and fell in love with this beautiful wreath from Target, but at $40, it was more than I wanted to spend.  I bought it on sale...

Target Smith and Hawkin Wreath

Target Smith and Hawkin Wreath

But I took it back because I came up with a less expensive,  more fitting alternative!

One that wouldnt blend in with the color of my front door...something just a bit more unique. 

I was looking for ways to use up all of the old Good-Will frames I bought to showcase my portraits for this Gallery night. 

This was the process and end result...


First, I pulled out all of the backing of this old frame from Good Will.  

Then I spray-painted the brown frame black. 


Next, I purchased a $1.50 monogram (on sale) from Michaels to make it personal...


Hooks went in next.

I hammered a tiny hole with a nail first and then hand screwed tiny hooks.

They cracked slightly, but didn't wreck the integrity of the wood. 


It hung so nicely! I was thrilled.



On went the leaves and then the flowers ...hydrangeas. My favorite! 



And then, picking the ribbon?? 



I couldn't quite decide... 


Couldn't, I decided to double them up... 

I was very pleased with the end result and now, for a fraction of the cost of my favorite wreath, I have a personalized one, good for spring and summer to welcome us and our guests! 

Win, Win!

(Please don't mind the scotch painter's tape on the back of the painting in progress over here :) 


If you try one, please let me know! I would LOVE to see your ideas!! Happy Wednesday!! 

Making a Whimsical Wreath for Under $2

Whimsical wreaths are everywhere.

On the backs of chairs...For Weddings.


OR Just for the home all year round!

They aren't just for Christmas anymore. 

Spring wreaths, summer, fall and monogrammed wreaths are very popular, but along with popularity, can bring a larger price tag! 

(Personally, I adore the Boxwood and Moss Wreath:)

So in order to make this baby shower feel whimsical and woodsy, but also feminine {and on a budget}...I made these wreaths...All under $2 a piece! 



- Reindeer Moss (from the Dollar Tree Store) 


- Old left over frames

- Hot Glue

- Ribbon from the Dollar Tree Store!


First, separate moss (suggested over a box because this stuff gets messy!) 


You will find several shapes, colors and textures.

Try to intermix these for interest. I started with the light green, then the brown, and added the dark green heavier moss as accents because it is what I had the least of! 


Stand back every now and then to make sure your moss is evenly placed and to make sure it is securely fastened. You wont want it falling all over your floor the moment you pick it up :)


Then, just add your ribbon! 


I cant WAIT to use these on our windows at Christmas time like this! 

Have fun!!!