Top 10 List: Coconut Oil {Dare I Say...My Miracle Oil?}

This is such a fun post for me!!  

Because I, quite literally, stumbled across most of these uses as a new mama, who was too tired and too cold to go out and buy new products when we would run out of other things this winter. Guess what? Coconut oil came through every time! {{Necessity {exhaustion} is SO the mother of invention}}. Serious game changer right here.

Then, during a fun Instagram link-up where the question was, "What is your favorite beauty secret?" I posted on coconut oil. Since then, I have received so many fun questions and emails, that I thought I would share my top 10 uses!

To be completely honest, I have a jar in practically every room in my home.  Plus, it is cost effective! You can purchase an entire jar of USDA Organic Certified, Unrefined Coconut Oil from Aldi right now for only $4.99!  From cooking and cleaning to healthcare, baby care and beauty care...this stuff is too legit to quit. 

So, without further adieu, our top 10 uses for this little lifesaver:

1. Cleaning!

Stain remover -- Call me crazy, but this stuff works to get out stains! In clothing and especially in my sink/bathtub etc! It's no secret that {{with these blonde lashes}} that I am a mascara enthusiast. After a while that build up in my white sink can be a bummer. Truly, I was tired one night after nursing every 2 hours and had been using CO so much for everything else that I thought I would give it a try. Just scrubbed a touch on to get rid of stains and it worked like a dream! Also, the beautiful thing is it is anti-fungal too so it keeps bacteria at bay and works as a barrier after you use it in your sink from stains sticking to the sink. Love it!

2. Baby Care -

Moisturizer -- Our baby girl has such sweet fresh skin that when we brought her home from the hospital, I hated using anything on it. However, being a Midwest winter, I needed to use something. CO is a dream to use on infant skin. It doesn't cake on or clog her pores like lotion, it can go right onto her sweet lips with no problem, and it is all natural and perfectly safe to use as early as newborn!

Heals Diaper Rash -- We had run out of our Honest Diaper Rash Cream, so I first Googled it to be sure there was no harm to using oil on her sweet little lady hind parts. It honestly worked so well! I was so, so thankful to watch her rash clear up so fast!

 Clears Up Cradle Cap -- I noticed into about month three that Mila was developing a touch of cradle cap. I would give her a bath, massage oil into her sweet scalp and comb away the cradle cap from the crown of her head. It worked beautifully and gave her hair a lovely, healthy glow at her next bath too.

3. Cooking -

There are so many studies that talk about the health benefits of coconut and coconut oil these days! Great for lowering cholesterol, heart healthy, etc. And it tastes SO good! We use it on our sweet potato fries, for eggs, in cake recipes, etc. {{My amazing friend Meredith posts some delicious recipes in her Instagram feed!}} I mean, I adore coconut flavor, but if you don't love the taste of coconut, just make sure you use refined. Unrefined has a lovely coconut scent and definitely a distinctive flavor!

4. Teeth cleaning

Check out this awesome article and this recipe for homemade, all natural, effective toothpaste!

5. Oil pulling

Have you all ever tried this one? We don't do it often, but Oil Pulling is said to be great for oral hygiene and literally for pulling harmful bacteria from your mouth -- keeping everything super clean!

6. Skin and Hair Care -

Skin Care -- Not only do I use CO to keep my skin moisturized, I also love it because when I put it on my face, I can also use it as a lip balm and eye makeup remover! No more pulling on my face to clean it! Just apply oil with hot water and it takes off everything. Then I exfoliate with a gentle cleanser and reapply oil to moisturize.

Hair Care -- These super light tresses take a beating from high-lights. That said, I am always looking for ways to deep moisturize my hair.  Using coconut oil as a hair mask {{either apply lightly after washing hair and style per usual or layer it on thicker for 15 minutes and wash out}} is wonderful! It leaves your hair so shiny, healthy, doesn't weigh it down and creates a lustrous glow.

7. Essential Oils Carrier Oil -

We use a lot of Young Living Essential Oils in our home {{for more info...feel free to contact me loves}}. From migraines to teething, and {{especially}} if we are using it on our girl, we dilute our oils like crazy with coconut oil as a carrier. Perfection!

8. Sunburn Soother -

First of all, have I mentioned that unrefined CO {{smells heavenly}} like the beach?! Reason number one why it is lovely to wear when in the sunshine. Ironically enough it works great as a barrier with sunscreen and if you have a burn from not wearing any protectant, CO soothes burnt skin so well. We know this all to well after our Baby Moon {{Here}} when my Greek-Olive-Skinned hubby forgot to load up the sunscreen and burnt to a crisp! Usually I am the one to burn, but I consciously stayed well hidden under the umbrella, with sweet Mi in my belly. I can a Tupperware of CO in my luggage and it helped my Kavs tremendously!

9. Polish Leather -

Again, by accident I found this trick. The leather straps on my purse were getting so dull from wear and tear. All summer last year I lathered up  my skin every day with coconut oil and then of course would sling my purse on my shoulder everywhere I went. By the end of the summer, my purse straps were beautifully clean, even colored, had a lovely sheen and looked lovely. Im sure this would work great on a belt, your purse or even shoes? But maybe test in a small area before slathering it on :)

10. Stretch Marks -

Okay, so this one might not be entirely due to coconut oil {because I also used Palmers Cocoa Butter as well} and other factors like genetics may be involved?? I guess I will never know, but Mila stretched my belly out to high heaven and my skin has bounced back remarkably well, without a mark. I have stretch marks from childhood growth spurts elsewhere so my body I know I am definitely prone to them, but I was amazed when my body didn't leave any marks behind, post pregnancy.

I hope you enjoyed this read! {This is in no way a paid endorsement} Just sharing my love for a product I adore, with my dear friends!

Happy Oiling!

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Mila's Birth Story & Awesome Natural Remedies For Labor & Delivery

"You are the poem I dreamed of writing. The masterpiece I longed to paint. You are the shining star I reached for, in my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled. You are my child. Now with all things I am blessed." - Author Unknown

This girl came into the world in a way I find hard to describe.

We had heard every heart-wrenching difficult child birth story and since I had been so horribly bed-ridden sick for the first 5 months, we prepared for the worst. I won't get into details, but everything from praying through contractions to watching our sweet girl be born on a mirror - it took our breath away. Of course it was painful, but dare I say,...I enjoyed labor and delivery? 

Yes, contractions were painful, but as a woman who experiences extreme pain once a month anyways, it was a pain I was unfortunately already somewhat acquainted with. When contractions started the day before her birth, I woke at 3:30am and couldn't sleep so I started scrubbing my floors and answering last minute business emails. It was several days before her due date, but I knew this was it and I wouldn't have time or energy to clean for weeks! 

Kavs and I ran errands throughout the day to keep our mind off of things. We stopped every time a contraction came so I could catch my breath. When they became difficult towards the end, he would take a tennis ball and run it along the small of my back until it was over.


Here we are...timing contractions. I laughed at the idea of an app for this, but my goodness did I adore it!

When I was all connected and waiting for dilation, they turned out the lights and told us to try to rest. Of course I couldnt.  I journaled to Mila and prayed for our unborn baby girl. was time to push...

12 minutes later...she arrived. Our hearts burst. 

There simply aren't words for this kind of heart-swelling unconditional love.

Daddy? He was instantly smitten...

Before Mila came...I researched all kinds of natural remedies to assist in labor and also to induce it.

I cant say that any of these are guaranteed remedies, but in our situation, they all seemed to work!

First, there was pineapple. I was told it was a labor inducer, so I ate an entire pineapple two days before. She came 3 days this may have helped?

Two days before I started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea in the morning and evening. Tastes lovely and is also meant to induce labor.



I popped Primrose oil pills. They are said to soften the cervix and since she came so quickly, again, I would imagine perhaps they helped!


Lavender Essential Oil was diffused in our room during labor and it gave the room a lovely spa scent. It also proved to helped to stretch skin during labor and delivery.


Finally, I had a wonderful friend lend me some clary sage! I was told it would help speed up dilation and effacement by my beautiful friend Heather. The incredible thing is, as soon as I rubbed it on, I dilated from 6 to 10 cm in 45 minutes!


I cannot guarantee these products will work for everyone, but I am thrilled to share them if they make your L & D more manageable! I would so love to hear if they work for you!