The Boy Who Could Enter Paintings - 3 year old art!


A few weeks ago our Tiny Tykes and I read the story about "The Boy Who Could Enter Paintings."

A breath-taking book that I remember putting my imagination at flight when I was a child and I hope it did the same for these babes. 

The main character lives in a small apartment with his artist father and he literally jumps into each painting his father is recreating from famous artists and experiences life on the other side of the canvas. So brilliant. 

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{Budget} Movie Night Under The Stars!



Since formerly working in film, I couldn't stop thinking last summer about how much I missed moonlit movies in Los Angeles at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

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(And my parents have the ideal setting for a re-creation of this :) 

When I pitched my parents the idea to throw an outdoor movie event in their backyard and they were all in...the planning commenced! 

{Everything you see here...created on a budget!} 



Modern Day "Selfies" - Modigliani Style


A few weeks ago I introduced Amedeo Clemente Modigliani to my 9-12 year old class!

He was an Italian painter who worked in France and his art was characterized by mask-like faces and elongation of form. He was known to leave the eyes of his portraits blank, but this creeped the kids out too much, so we added eyes, with pupils and light reflection :)

I LOVE this project.

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FearFully and Wonderfully Made


Our dear friends Tyler and Jackie welcomed their precious little one into the world last fall of 2012. We wanted to give them something unique to hang in baby Sal's room that would remind them every day how special he truly is.

I painted and antiqued this block of wood from Michaels, traced these letters onto scrap book paper and attached them with Modge Podge.

What better reminder could there possibly be than "you are fearfully and wonderfully made," a God-breathed love note to all of mankind.

So beautiful. Just like our friends! 

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Dingy bedroom flip to Art Studio with Life!


Another before and after! 

These are so fun to post because so much work went into these flips!  

There's something so gratifying about creating with our hands to make something beautiful.

I can only imagine the sheer joy God had when creating the heavens and the earth. and me! 

Wow. I mean 

And He gives us a taste of that joy when we create! 

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Painting a mural on a bed sheet!


I have a beautiful new friend. Inside and out.

She just moved here from my favorite city, Nashville with her talented husband and her sweet little mister, WilliamShe has a huge heart and had a passion to give her son the best birthday party she possibly could!

When she asked me to help make a back drop for her little man's Peter Pan themed birthday party, I was honored!

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