I am honored to have you take the time to stop by. 

I am a wife to Kavs, mama to Mila Kate & Maia London, fine artist, author & children's book illustrator, art juror, tea drinker & indy film fan.

My paintings are sold here, we own an art school called Bloom-Prints Studio and you can find our best-selling book on Amazon Bloom With Mi here...each are full of my heartbeat for the next generation. 

In this tiny space, I share my heart, give-back organizations we believe in, our life, our faith and our business.


Here is a little background from my studio page:

"Amy holds a BA in Media Arts - Radio, Television, and Film degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a fine art minor as well as a partially completed Masters in Occupational Therapy. She is also a best selling children's book author/illustrator {HERE}.

Amy has been captivated by the study of light, drawing and design since she was old enough to hold a pencil. As an adult, she studied fine art and lived in Florence, Italy where her passion for creating was taken to a whole new level. 

Amy serves as a Juror for fine art competition, and has designed for or worked with with companies like Skecher's Shoes, Bebe Au Lait, The Miss America Foundation, MOPS {Mom's of Preschoolers} International, among others. She has worked in the Radio and Film industry in Los Angeles, as well as in the Art Therapy realm as an Experiential Therapist at Roger's Memorial Hospital for Mental Health. Her work has been showcased in several auctions and gallery shows across the state and she sells her custom art pieces to clients around the world!"

I hope to cultivate a life centered on my Maker, full of light, creativity, love and community
{with arms and hands usually covered in paint}.

 Please email me. I would LOVE to connect!

Thank you for stopping by.